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Luxury in the bag

Luxury in the bag

Aside clothes, the next thing to show one's sophistication and sleekness, in my opinion, is a bag. This is confirmed by an Indian renowned designer Ravi Bajaj. He once said "everything ends at the eye level and this makes bags the most coveted on the style must-have lists of every fashionista because, at eye level, the first thing people will notice is your bag”.

This shows that bags are an important element in the styling of both men and women as these accommodate vital needs of carriers. These days, everyone is particular about fashion and style and it is obvious that you don't want to mess up with anything. With a plethora of bags, it is important one finds the right bag which will not only carry valuable items but will also bring out the confidence and class in one. Therefore, the need to highlight a go-to reference of different types of bags for men and women is essential.

Selecting fashionable bags for men

Be it work or for leisure, every man needs a bag to keep his valuables secured and organized. Although majority assume that men’s bag types are incomparable to the varieties available to women, this is quite on the contrary. From different sizes, different shapes, to different materials, there are many varieties and styles to choose from– each with its own individual intention. As important as the quality of the bag, so is the intention.

Of the many styles, it is important to know which one best suits the occasion you are attending and which one suits your style. To make the right choice, here is a guide for selecting fashionable bags for men.


Coming in different colors, sizes, and shapes, the briefcase is a sleek boardroom essential and the gentleman's option in a smart-casual workplace. The briefcase is a timeless wardrobe staple that has the ability to finish off any professional look with beauty and class. There are so many types of briefcases just to meet everyman’s style and outlook.

Whether one needs a portfolio, padfolio, attaché, or any other type of briefcase, one needs to explore the options available and select the one that brings out the smartness in him. Whether you are student, commuter, frequent traveler, and a corporate executive, a high-quality and functional backpack is a wise investment. The Backpack is an essential item for men of class today with so many options available to choose from. Backpacks are by far the fastest-selling item when it comes to men bags because of the comfort and ease it gives.

These class of bags help to distribute the weight of its contents best and are therefore the most comfortable bags to carry. Not only is this bag so easy to carry, but it’s very attractive and brings out the elegance in one depending on the design and style. After all, life is just easier commuting and running around with your arms free. So, don't relent to get a backpack in your bag collection. 



Messenger Bag

Also referred to as satchels or Carryalls, the messenger bags give a sense of mature and stylish look. Along with being big enough to store all your essentials, the sleek crossbody carryalls is all you need to keep your belongings organized and safe.

These bags ensure comfort for people carrying heavy and/ or bulky items, while allowing easy access to the contents. The best part of the bag is not only about how it is a perfect option if you want lightweight, but it also brings out the sophistication in one


As the name implies, the weekender is a compact and convenient bag for you to grab and get on the way for that weekend trip. The ideal pick is not too big and not too small, sturdy enough that you won't need to baby it and stylish enough that you'll feel confident hauling it to that conference, business trip, or even and wherever else your weekend travels take you.

Fanny packs

Also known as bum bags or cross body bags, they are the ultimate festival accessory. Aside from making you look extremely cool, this bag is versatile and very useful in helping one to haul his day-to-day essentials in style depending on the occasion.

While some people still wear them around the waist, wearing them over the shoulder or across the body creates a relaxed look that complements just about any style of your outfit.

Selecting fashionable bags for women

A woman's ultimate accessory is a bag and it is a well-known fact that every woman loves her bag. And she can never have too many of them. While they carry all of the essentials, including ladies' purses, they also help finish or elevate her look.

But with a variation of handbags and purses, it becomes a daunting problem to keep wondering which one to pick per occasion. To know which one to pick per occasion, here is a go-to reference for the right selection.

Tote bag

A tote bag is an ever-required bag in every ladies’ handbag collection. It is the perfect pick for ladies everyday corporate or even casual looks. They are so comfortable and are wide enough for you to fit just about anything including a laptop.

This type of bag is available in various sizes and colors, and one can pick her choice according to her needs and requirement and get a sizzling and ravishing look.