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How to Fashion Your Look

How to Fashion Your Look

Looks are very essential in our everyday life and working environment and that’s why a lot of times people spend much on looking good.

But the question begs to ask: is it that necessary? Extremely necessary, because your look determines what people think of you the very first time you come in contact. Like it or not, we live in a society where people judge you the second you walk into a place.

So, what you wear on your feet, the type of pants you wear, the type of shirt you wear, the type of watch you have, etc. will definitely attract somebody’s attention on you.

They’re going to evaluate you based on those wears. Their first opinion is going to be based on the image that you project at that moment. They’re going to judge you before you even open your mouth; before you’re even allowed to talk to wow them with your magical and amazing personality.

So, know that whether you like it or not, someone’s going to evaluate you based on your looks. They’re going to evaluate who you are based on the kind of things you wear. You have one chance to make a first impression, so why not make a great one?

You need to approach your image and you look like you are a world-class brand; that’s really what you should do. You are a brand that is coming up– YOUR looks! So, know that the same way you come up with your look is the same way people come up with their brands. Successful brands are careful of how they portray themselves and so is look.

What looks stunning on you may not look great on somebody else. What looks great on somebody else may not look pretty on you. It’s all different, but here’s what I suggest. I suggest you look in your closet and really evaluate what you have in there.


When was the last time you bought new apparel?

When was the last time you bought a new jacket?

When was the last time you bought anything new?

If the stuff in there is vintage, then you already know what I’m talking about. You’ve already accumulated a vintage look. This is good. This tells you to have stuff that is good and timeless and absolutely unique for you but need new collections for your closet.

But most people… well, kind of buy things because somebody made them buy such. Their girlfriend made them buy them but they’re no longer with her. Their mom took them shopping one time, and they’re still wearing the same clothes from four, five, six, or seven years ago.

They look as dated as a 90’s Mercedes. And if you’ve ever seen 90’s Mercedes, you’ll really understand what I mean, really dated.

So what do you do after that? If you look at your closet and realize you’re as old as a non-­classic Mercedes Benz, it’s really simple after that. You go shopping. You go to the boutique to liven up with new selections.

How to shop for new selections?


You go for window shopping at first and you must not spend. You go and try different selections to get different opinions from different salespeople. You allow them to pick out the outfits for you and then you try them on.

You try them on and you ask yourself how you feel in each one. Do you feel powerful? Do you feel confident? Because that’s the number one thing you want to feel on a daily basis: powerful and confident. When you feel powerful and confident on a daily basis, you’re going to be able to manifest wonderful, great things in life.

Try it on and take pictures of yourself.


Go home. For the first time, don’t buy a thing, but you take a look and decide which one really resembles the best version of you. You then look at the pictures, again and again, then in your subconscious mind, you ask yourself non­-judgmentally, “If I saw someone walking down the street in that apparel, what would I think about that person? How would I feel if I saw this person walk into the office in that outfit?”

Do they look cool? Do they look powerful? Do they look presentable? Do they look confident? Do the clothes fit their body size? Is their body exposing? Can I see them?

All these thoughts should carefully be evaluated before a decision to make new buying is made. Everybody can pick up a look, regardless of the budget available. Anybody can craft an amazing look, but you don’t do it by buying and shopping once every seven years. You do it by going and trying lots of stuff on and seeing what you feel is the best. After you’ve evaluated the pictures, take a look at them, then you go and build your new wardrobe.


For me, I like vintage stuff as well but it must make sense. I try a lot of things but I’ve got a certain look that fits me well that when I go out in it, I feel super confident in what I’m wearing for that day, because that’s me. That’s my look, my image, my brand.

But, if you don’t feel super confident in what you’re wearing every single day, then you have to re-cultivate the look that you have. It’s as simple as that.

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