Victor Yaw Asante to “Provide Strategic Leadership” to FBNBank Ghana Ltd in the bid to becoming “the clear leader and Ghana’s bank of first choice”

Victor Yaw Asante to “Provide Strategic Leadership” to FBNBank Ghana Ltd in the bid to becoming “the clear leader and Ghana’s bank of first choice”

Victor joins FBN Bank Ghana Ltd. team as the first Ghanaian to be appointed as the Managing Director. He brings to this leadership position a rich banking experience spanning over 20 years. Prior to his appointment, the new MD was the Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking with oversight responsibility for Commercial Banking Business at First National Bank Ghana, a subsidiary of the First Rand Group of South Africa.

His work experience also extends to Standard Chartered Bank Group where he served in various capacities as the bank’s Managing Director and Head of Corporate and Institutional Clients at its Botswana subsidiary, and as Managing Director and Regional Head of Transaction Banking, based in Ghana with additional responsibilities over other West African countries including Cameroun, Cote D’Ivoire, Gambia and Sierra Leone.

Victor’s wealth of expertise can also be traced back to his days with Merchant Bank (now Universal Merchant Bank) and Unilever Ghana, all of which gave him practical know-how with strategic knowledge in the banking and business landscape in general.

Consenting to his new assignment to lead FBN Bank Ghana Ltd., Victor averred “I am humbled by the confidence reposed in me to head FBN Bank Ghana at a time when the organization has recapitalized its Ghana business and rolled out its digital banking strategy, which aims to leverage new and evolving technologies to facilitate access to everyday financial services for consumers and businesses alike.”

He further disclosed, with regard to his appointment that, “My utmost priority is to endear the brand to our stakeholders in the Ghanaian market and use all available means to make the brand a mark of excellence by meeting the needs of our valued customers, to the extent that FBN Bank becomes the preferred bank.”

Commenting on the appointment of the new FBN Bank Ghana MD, Mr. Victor Asante, the Chief Executive Officer of First Bank of Nigeria Limited & Subsidiaries, Dr. Adesola Adeduntan said “Victor’s demonstration of excellent technical skills, knowledge, experience and his leadership capabilities contributed in no small measure to his appointment.’’ He was convinced that Victor Asante was very well placed to provide strategic leadership that the bank needed to continue on its trajectory of becoming the clear leader and Ghana’s bank of first choice.

FBN Bank Ghana Limited (FBN Bank) is a subsidiary of First Bank of Nigeria Limited and currently has 21 footprints in Ghana with over 400 staff and also renders universal banking services to individuals and businesses.

At FBN Bank Ghana, ‘Customer First’


Customers are key to the growth of every bank and as such the more satisfied a customer is, the happier he or she becomes. Consequently, more referrals lead to more business which result in greater profit for the bank. Even though banks, like any organization, are driven by profit, when the customer is satisfied and happy, the bank sees not just growth in the financial bottom line but gives the bank leverage to be seen in the eyes of the public as an institution worthy to be associated with. This is why banks work hard to ensure customers are satisfied and happy.

But at FBN Bank Ghana, the objective of making the customer happy has been taken a notch higher. Even as banks go about their everyday life trying to satisfy their customers, FBN Bank Ghana has launched a corporate advertising campaign tailored to drive the message of putting the customer at the heart of its business.

At the launch of the ‘Customer First’ campaign, Mr. Victor Yaw Asante, FBNBank Ghana’s Managing Director communicated the bank’s commitment to being “exclusively customer-centric. We go to great lengths to put the needs of our customers at the heart of our business and also set the gold standard of customer experience and excellence in financial services solutions”.

With the ‘Customer First’ value proposition, the bank further establishes itself as a lifelong partner to its customers, providing relevant solutions to all their banking needs as their lives continue to evolve.

Mr. Asante further stated that the bank’s financial knowledge and practices leads the market in ensuring a better understanding of customers to strive for better ways of delivering first-class service and experience to them.

FBN Bank Ghana to “leverage technology for Effective Growth”


The advent of technology has disrupted many businesses including the banking industry. Considering the enormous benefits that technology offers to the industry, Mr. Asante recognizes that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of banking and therefore, believe that the earlier industry players adopted and utilized it in their service delivery, the better it would be for the future of the industry in general and their businesses in particular.

Acknowledging that greater percentage of Ghanaians that are gradually embracing the use of technological tools to access banking services, he underscores the importance of tapping into this new drive by banks to harness growth potential of the banking industry.

Mr. Asante, seeking to show that technology is truly the future of growth in banking, emphasized the need for players in the sector to effectively leverage on modern technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI), to drive growth and financial inclusion.

He further revealed that by the year 2020, 85% of all customer interaction in the banking industry would be handled without human contact. He highlights the importance of technology in service delivery stressing that “AI, chatbots and automated, self-service technologies would free up call center employees from routine tier-1 support requests so they can focus on more complex tasks.”

One of the benefits of AI, he mentions, is “in preemptively resolving customer service issues before they arise.” According to the FBN Bank MD, this could significantly lower customer service abandonment rates.

With the banking sector constantly evolving and competition growing, customer satisfaction is at the core of banks’ operations especially for bigger banks. “Large banks have a huge customer satisfaction burden, so they naturally look toward technologies that enable them accelerate and increase connectivity with customers,” he posited.

Backing Customer-centric Approach with a Promotion

Since the introduction of the corporate advertising campaign tailored to drive the message of putting the customer at the heart of its business, the bank has unveiled a savings promotion that puts the customer comes first in what it does.

Mr. Asante asserted that he is of the conviction that a strong savings culture is key to securing the collective future of the bank and its stakeholders and therefore, happy to provide a platform that helps its customers to save. “This is why we are happy to reward our customers who save with us,” he said.

He noted that the bank is acutely aware of the recent history of the country’s financial system and the effect it has had on people’s behaviors towards savings in particular and banking in general. While he acknowledges that the Bank of Ghana has worked tirelessly to clean up the nation’s financial system, players are also aware that this has come at a price, the price of some mistrust for financial institutions.

To him, the system has begun the journey to rebuild trust and a savings promotion is one such way of getting customers to come on board. The past two years have seen the number of banks reduce from 36 to 24 now, while increasing the minimum capital from GH¢120 million to GH¢400 million, he added.

“The commitment of FBN Bank Ghana Limited to this country, this economy and our cherished customers is manifested in the little fuss our shareholder made in recapitalizing us to meet the required minimum capital. We remained confident in the nation Ghana and its citizens. FBN Bank Ghana is one of the well capitalized banks in the country at the moment, and this means our ability to support our customers and play a significant part in the destiny of this country is very high,” he emphasized.

He added that FBN Bank Ghana emerges from an enviably rich heritage and banking tradition, which has shaped its business to become the clear leader of several markets in Africa and beyond. The parent bank, First Bank of Nigeria Limited, boasts of an enduring business tradition that spans over 125 years, which has been enriched by the time-tested values of trust and excellence, backed by the latest technology and a diversity of well-trained staff. The Parent bank is the oldest bank in the West African sub region. The bank’s footprints are visible across the world in DR Congo, Ghana, Guinea, The Gambia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, London, Paris as well as a representative office in Beijing, China. “As some of you may know, FBN Bank has been in Ghana for 23 years, starting in 1996 as International Commercial Bank (ICB), which was rebranded to FBN Bank Ghana after a change in shareholding in 2013.  

“We therefore have a fantastic heritage of excellence in banking including a lengthy presence in Ghana that underpins our understanding of the needs of our customers and will shape our actions as we move to the next chapter of our history,” Victor opined.

FBNBank believes in finding a better way everyday to make its customers’ banking experience better. It is the reason why the bank will continue to create; it is the reason why the bank will continue to provide clients with products and platforms that make the customers bank easier; it is the reason why the bank is passionate about the partnerships it forges with its customers.   

FBNBank Ghana is therefore calling on Ghanaians and businesses to take full advantage of its distinctive values and rich heritage which has made its brand a leading African brand and one of the most credible financial institutions on the globe.

“We ask you to save with FBNBank Ghana and the bank promises to reward you for saving with it. The bank wants to refocus its customers and customers to be on the need to return to a culture of saving for the future. FBNBank Ghana is hopeful that the culture of saving will stay with all of us long after the promotion has ended. For it is when we save that we create wealth and protect our future.

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