Stallion Motors Ghana Ltd Debuts the 2020 Changan CS95 AND CS55 Models in Ghana 

Changan Automobile (Group) Co, is a Chinese automobile manufacturer and state-owned enterprise headquartered in Chongqing, China that boasts of industrial history spanning 157 years. Recognised as one of the leading Chinese auto brands, it has also gained prominence and immense popularity worldwide, in addition to offering value across various automotive segments. 

It operates in joint ventures with Ford (Changan Ford), Groupe PSA (Changan PSA), Mazda (Changan Mazda) and Suzuki (Changan Suzuki) which respectively produce Ford, DS Automobiles, Mazda and Suzuki branded passenger cars for the Chinese market. It also has a joint venture with Jiangling Motor Corporation Group (JMCG) and Aiways, which produces SUVs sold under the Landwind marque.

On Thursday, 28th November, 2019, Stallion Motors Ghana Ltd. in collaboration with the global auto maker, Changan Automobile corporation, launched in Ghana, the all-new models CS55 and CS95 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra.

Other models displayed at the launch included Alsvin & Eado in saloon segment and CS15, CS35, CS75 among its SUV range for customers to experience Changan’s wide model range. 

Stallion is a household name in Ghana. It is undoubtedly one of the strongest players in the automotive industry by virtue of its vast distribution network. The exclusive national partnership with Changan in Ghana brings the best in class products and services to the Ghanaian consumer. These popular vehicles are best engineered for the road severity in Ghana. 

Present at the gathering were dignitaries from the Chinese embassy and the Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Shi Ting Wang. The unveiling of the two-wheel-drive – CS55 and the four-wheel-drive – CS95 gushed out a breath-taking and mind-blowing effect as expressed by His excellency, Mr. Shi Ting Wang. He mentioned that last year, bilateral trade between China and Ghana registered 7.3 billion USD, making Ghana the 7th largest trading partner of China in Africa. Ghanaian consumers have a strong demand for Chinese products such as textiles and electrical home appliances. As Ghana’s economy is on a surge, the demand for automobiles is growing bigger, and Changan is wise to seize this opportunity by partnering with Stallion Group.

Mr. Mahesh Mahtani, the Country Director for Stallion, reiterated that the launch of the new models from Changan adds to the range and shows the company’s commitment towards bringing feature-packed, best in class quality at affordable range to the Ghanaian customers. The company has sales and service outlets in Accra in 3 locations located at Graphic road, Tema motorway & Spintex and outside Accra at Kumasi, Cape Coast & Tamale. It has invested in a state-of-the-art central auto parts and service center at Accra to support the distribution of genuine parts across the nation for the upkeep of these vehicles. The service facilities offer preventive maintenance, mechanical and electrical repairs to body shop and paint booth and are periodically trained by Changan to ensure the best service delivery.

Mr. Vinnie, Vice Director for the Middle East and Africa region from Changan International Corporation stated that Ghana is a very important market for Changan’s global business. The new range of vehicles namely CS55 and CS95, mid and high-end SUV are equipped with new-generation platforms, contemporary design and will offer best-in-class efficiency, performance, and comfort.  These vehicles will further augment the brand ethos of “Lasting Safety”. As the leading Chinese car producer, our target is to be one of the top 10 global car brands by the year 2025 with more than 6 million units for annual sales.

With 61 years of experience in building and selling passenger vehicles, Changan is an early leader in the auto industry. Each day, more than 8,500 consumers buy a new Changan worldwide and is increasingly becoming one of the most trustworthy brands in the West African market. The products go through multiple harsh durability and reliability tests, every year.  Extensive ‘extreme heat tests’ by road testing are done for each line of Changan products in regions with very challenging conditions, such as dusty environment, hot weather, corrosion, etc. to technically adapt the product into local driving conditions. Changan was awarded the ‘High Quality and Safety Control Enterprises of the Year’ 2017. 

Other dignitaries present at the launch were Mr. Alexander Kyei representing the Hon. Alan Kyeremateng from the Ministry of Trade & Industry and many Changan loyal customers from banks, corporate & government institutions; their faith in the brand and positive feedback are testimonials to strong brand advocacy. They shared their positive experience with the brand, service and long-lasting relations. The testimony and the continued trust by the customers encourage the brand to add more products to the portfolio and offer innovative and comprehensive solutions to the Ghanaian customers.


The new models are the best for roads in Ghana

Mr. Mahesh Mahtani assured the Ghanaian market that the luxury, the brand offers surpasses many of its competitors in all segments of vehicles.

Changan CS55

Changan CS55 is designed and developed by Changan's European Design team, and its shape draws inspiration from Obsidian (Volcanic Glass). It is equipped with a 1.5L Petrol turbocharged engine with115 KW/225 NM Torque and 6-speed automatic transmission. 

With an engine capacity of 1.5 LT, The CS55 boasts of features such as automatic parking assistance that makes it park with ease. The parking is fully automatic, and one does not even need to touch the steering wheel, as it can be monitored on the panel in the centre console. The Car also has new non-firework airbags that have millisecond response time. A smart safety belt is included to provide all-around protection, and Bosch airbag contributes to the overall passenger safety. As if that is all, the CS55 also comes with Pre-warning Assistant Braking. The new Bosch MRR evo14 CS55 can identify front collision risks and triggers a warning before accidents occur. It also has a safe distance reminder, FCW, collision mitigation and other functions that makes the car outclass its peers. The CS55 boasts of the following specs, among several others: 18 inch Alloy Wheels with tyre size 225/55 R18, ABS,EBO,ESC,HHC,EPB, C-NCAP 5 Stars, Driver airbag, Front passenger  front-airbag  (standard), Side airbag of front row, Side air curtain of first and second rows (each one left and right), Reminding  system for without working of safety belt ( driver), Reminding  system for without working of safety belt ( front passenger), 3-point force limiting safety belt of second row, Child safety lock, Central lock, Remote key control, Escape unlocking  function in the back door, Auto lock during driving (reserved), Engine electric antitheft and lock-up system, remote four doors lock open/close, remote trunk open/close, smart remote control key, keyless entry, keyless start reversing camera-dynamic line auxiliary, light-front blind spot detection, rear reversing radar, cruise control, TPMS, 4.2 inch LCD screen, leather steering wheel, entertainment control key, Bluetooth (phone call) control key, cruise control key, electronic steering lock, 4-way adjustable steering column and energy-absorbing steering column.


Changan CS95

Changan CS95 is a work of art that integrates a Butterfly front face design philosophy into extraordinary functions. CS95 is equipped with the Blue Core 2.0L turbo GDI direct-injection supercharged engine– which is the best in class. It's joined with the globally advanced Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission and the latest BorgWarner NexTrac intelligent all-wheel-drive system.

The all-new CS95 is equipped with the Blue Core 2.0 L turbo GDI direct-injection supercharged engine and boasts of an intelligent interconnected system that offers several online services, such as navigation, intelligent assistant Xiao An, entertainment, safety, and remote car-control. The powerful SUV also has an in-built lane departure warning feature (The latest Bosch MPC2 Plus camera) that alerts the driver, should the vehicle drift from the lane. In the event of a collision, side airbags and side air curtains absorb much of the energy of the crash, thereby reducing the impact on the driver. The SUV boasts of a simple aesthetic design and the following specs, among others: 64 LitresFuel tank capacity,  seats 7, AWD (All-wheel Drive) engine type, 2.0 LT Turbo Intellectual Elite engine capacity, 6AT transmission, 171 Max.rated power kW/ps), 365 torque(N·m),  19 inch Alloy Wheels with Tyre size 245/55/R19, spare tire, min. Ground Clearance-Unloaded(190 mm), driver & passenger-side airbag, side airbag for Front & Second row(each one left and right), side air curtain(each one left and right), Tire, Pressure Measurement System TPMS (direct mode), engine electric anti-theft system, engine electric antitheft and lock-up system, central control lock of in-car, control lock of remote central, warning of releasing parking brake, child safety lock, child seat fixtures ISO-FIX), door open/closed alarm reminder (five doors display independent), smart and remote key, vehicle searching function, remote trunk unlock, remote trunk open/close, keyless entry (front doors, back door), keyless start (push-button mode), anti-skid brake system(ABS)+Electric brake force and Distribution(EBD)

Stallion Motors Ghana Ltd 

Stallion Group having operated for 45 years has grown from its modest start in West Africa into a fledgling multi-business conglomerate, one of the largest in West Africa. Today Stallion has a multinational presence in 18 countries involved in commodities, agri-business, food, industries, automobiles, and services. The group represents an impressive array of global automobile brands on an exclusive basis in countries like Nigeria & Ghana. It is no surprise this powerful bond it has formed with the automobile titan Changan.  

The group is largely credited for opening exciting frontiers of motoring to its customers and providing them with first-hand experience of world-class automobiles as enjoyed by the developed countries.

The success of Stallion stems from its untiring pursuit for automotive excellence. The company's strategy has been to stay close to the customers, understand their needs and exceed their expectations. Stallion operates through a string of showrooms and after-sales centres spread all across Nigeria, Ghana and the Republic of Benin giving a geographical reach envied by its competitors.

Stallion's successes can be attributed to; 

  • Excellent distribution network with strategic location enabling nationwide presence
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Excellent nationwide after-sales service, a definite pre-requisite and selling advantage for the image and reputation of the Stallion Group.
  • The group's overall reputation in the market, stemming from the success of its other business lines.

The prerequisite of every satisfied customer is timely after-sales support that he receives in terms of service and repairs. The company operates an extensive network of workshops that are equipped with all modern state of the art facilities to serve the ever-growing list of satisfied customers. The workshops are located at various locations, giving the advantage of proximity to the customers.


Why Choose Changan?

Changan is regarded to be one of the "Big Four" Chinese automakers (along with SAIC Motor, FAW Group, and Dongfeng Motor Corporation). It manufactured 3million units in 2016 which saw the company rank fourth among China's automakers by production volume. It is also China's second most popular car brand, with 1.4 million Changan cars sold in 2016. Acknowledged as a giant company in the automobile industry, Changan thrives on the following strong elements:

Quality: Changan Automobile's Product Test and Verification System: CA-TVS. With more than 4 million kilometres in test mileage, each new model is to undergo 4,500 tests in 15 areas including environment, strength, safety, etc. Changan is committed to making sure its products can provide a safe and enjoyable ride to every customer.

Innovation: Changan is remarkably taking the lead in Research & Development capabilities. According to an assessment made by the NDFC (National Development Reform Commission, the state-owned acknowledged technical centre) in China, Changan scored 93.6, ranking third of the automotive industry and its R&D capability taking the first position of the industry continuously for ten years. The company had applied for a total of 10,311 patents including 2, 918 patents of invention as of 2018.

Intelligence: Products by Changan comprise Intelligent R&D which are supported by intelligent driving, intelligent networking, and intelligent interaction. Changan Automobile is planning to build intelligent vehicle platforms through different stages.

Design: Changan has earned twenty design awards at home and abroad, leading fashion trends and integrating style, energy, and dynamics into your perfect life.

Sustainable Development: Changan is capable of manufacturing new energy vehicles and has launched 16 new energy models. In 2017, Changan sold more than 61,000 units of new energy vehicles with a 180.9% year-on-year growth.

Key National Awards

Having gained both international and local recognition, Changan is also known for winning these key prestigious awards

State Key Laboratory of Automotive Noise Vibration and Safety Technology.

The State Key Laboratory of Vehicle NVH and Safety Technology– The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China (2015)

Standardized Good Behaviour Enterprise.

A Company of Good Conduct on Standardization– Chongqing Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau (2015)

Hybrid Passenger Car National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory.

National & Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Hybrid Passenger Vehicle– The National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China (2013)


In conclusion, the brand manager of Stallion Motors Ghana Ltd. Mr. Manish Daryanani reinstated that Changan offers excellent value for money in terms of iconic design, comfort, pricing, intelligent safety features & prompt after-sales service. Changan comes with a standard 5-year warranty or 100,000 km on all model range and is here to stay.  Changan– Drives the world for a better tomorrow. 

The rapid development of technology with acceleration has made it the principal factor for social, economic and political changes in the world.