Kasapreko Alomo, King of Bitters @ 20

Kasapreko Alomo, King of Bitters @ 20

From the humble beginnings of production in Dr Kwabena Adjei’s garage at Nungua, to becoming a multi-national

company and one of the leading alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverage producers, Kasapreko Company Limited celebrates one of its iconic products, Kasapreko Alomo Bitters. This legendary product marks its 20th Anniversary in the alcoholic beverage industry, a brand that has become a household name all over Ghana and beyond.

Bitters, just like in the ancient days, offers so many benefits to the human body. Used for medicinal purpose or just an occasional intake for a boost or an appetite jolt, bitters can be used in various forms. It is made from natural organic roots and herbs with the right mix of alcohol which gives it a uniquely refreshing taste.

Origination of Alomo Bitters

Taking inspiration from the traditional way bitters’ (herbs and roots) were stored in bottles with alcohols poured around them, Dr Kwabena Adjei applied his ingenuity to modernise and give it a more sophisticated appeal. Alomo Bitters, as well as being an alcoholic beverage with fewer side effects, is a herbal based beverage with higher medicinal benefits. To break into the market, at the time though tough, it was achieved by adopting a truly authentic approach to produce this herbal-­based product derived from rich herbs, locally sourced from Ghana’s wealth of organic ingredients. Thus, Alomo Bitters underwent conceptualization, research, design and development and that birthed the first scientifically-formulated herbal-based alcoholic beverage. This created formula was tested and approved by the Centre for Plant Medicine Research (an accredited centre for World Health Organization) before initial production and currently, it’s an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified product. Impressively, its authentic quality and taste remain undiluted and that is a great achievement for the brand even after 20 years of production.


The Success Story after 20years

20 years of producing an authentic and refreshing beverage indeed is a great achievement. Sharing thoughts of what comes to mind about the initial stages of the brand, the Marketing Manager, Evans Kwofie mentioned that “our predecessors who started working on the brand did a great work by maintaining its great authentic taste and quality in making it a strong brand as we all celebrate it today with so much pride.” Furthermore “for Alomo Bitters to celebrate 2 decades, it’s a testimony of its authenticity. Competition has come and gone and could not withstand Alomo Bitters because it was not as authentic and as quality as our Alomo Bitters. Its taste and benefits have been maintained throughout these years; making it the King of Bitters.”

Evolution of Alomo Bitters

Alomo Bitters has evolved over 20 years and made enormous strides that further affirms the believe that Alomo Bitters is not just an ordinary beverage but truly authentic with Ghanaian heritage. The Alomo Bitters brand has further spread its tentacles into the international market with the brand becoming a big phenomenon in Nigeria and six other key African countries.


Alomo Bitters has revolutionized over the years through brand repackaging and introduction of new variants to suit every class whiles maintaining its authenticity, quality and affordability. The brand has evolved to have the look and feel of international appeal. The captivating aspect of Alomo Bitters is the introduction of new variants with the first variant being introduced in 2014/2015. Today, Alomo exists in four variants Alomo Bitters, Alomo Silver, Alomo Gold and Alomo Black that suits the various tastes of its customers. The brand has gained acceptance both locally and internationally and has resulted to its recognition home and abroad.

Alomo Bitters continues to distinguish itself from its competitors in the market through its “consistency in delivering the best quality without compromising on the authenticity of Alomo Bitters special recipes regardless of where it is produced; be it in Ghana or Nigeria”. Alomo Bitters prides itself on the relationship it has with its key customers by making sure that the product is always available in stores, bars, restaurants, etc. This has fostered a belief in the brand among its customers, distributors and workers that Alomo Bitters is legendary and all want to share in the success story.

20 years of Alomo Bitters is a great achievement that has been crowned with many awards including 2012 Super Brand award and 2013 Life Time Product of the Year and Leading Indigenous Alcoholic Drinks Manufacturer in West Africa, awarded by West Africa Magazine. Alomo Bitters also gained international recognition when CNN Money ranked Alomo Bitters as part of the TOP 5 emerging brands in the world; a height that is admirable to all. “Alomo Bitters has also won Bitters of the Year award several times at the Ghana Beverage Awards showing how much the people trust the brand.” Being able to break into the international market is also a major achievement for Alomo. But above all “attaining 20 years is the biggest achievement so far” says the Head of Marketing.

Alomo Bitters has also gone ahead to bring about other products like Awake Mineral Water, Storm Energy Drink and more. The brand has actually lived to expectations and even surpassed all in terms of its existence and ability to sell over 1 million cartons year on year, even in the midst challenges and competition from other brands.


Despite the successes chalked over the period, the brand has also experienced setbacks resulting from fluctuating forex markets, counterfeit productions of the brand amongst others.

What the future holds

With all these achievements, one can only expect more from a brand like this. Going forward, lovers of the brand should look forward to seeing new variants that will satisfy all categories of people.

The future of Alomo Bitters is gearing up for more greatness as Kasapreko Company Limited sets up another production plant in Kumasi, Ashanti Region to increase the capacity of the business and more variants.

“After 20 years, Alomo seeks to achieve greater heights by maintaining quality and authenticity. The brand also intends to grow its market share by engaging consumers and providing them with more options.

“Key to achieving this is getting closer to the brand’s trade partners and recruiting more key distributors who are willing and able to work with Alomo. To a large extent, the distributors are the mouthpiece of the product in trade. This is important because without the trade partners there will be no Alomo Bitters on the market shelves. Alomo also intends to intensify communication of the brand by giving the thematic and intrinsic value of the product to most of the brand’s consumers.”

The company assures that there’ll be no compromise on the quality of the product as it produces in different pack sizes and pricing.

Alomo @ 20 festivity itinerary & Rewards

Alomo at 20 celebration is expected to span 2 years because of the impact of the milestone. In view of this, various activities have been scheduled to happen across the country and beyond to appreciate all consumers of Alomo Bitters. Notable among them are Alomo and Music, Alomo and Food, Alomo and Meat, Alomo and Football etc.

Also, there is a consumer promotion that will be happening to reward customers with 2 brand new cars, 400 pieces of smartphones, 100 pieces of televisions, 200 pieces of live goats, 2 million pieces of free drinks, 30,000 pieces of T-shirts that will all be up for grabs. Consumers are encouraged to fully participate in this promotion in order to win all the prizes mentioned.

The celebration and consumer promotion will also be taking place in other countries where the product is distributed including Nigeria, where plans are far advanced to replicate what’s happening in Ghana.

All these giveaways are to reward consumers of Alomo Bitters for being loyal to the brand for the past 20 years. Some loyal consumers, key distributors and workers will also be awarded during the celebration.

“Alomo Bitters @ 20 is a huge milestone for the brand and the right person to acknowledge for this success is Dr Kwabena Adjei who held this dream in high esteem and ensured that it was achieved. Because of him, everyone involved is here today to celebrate a brand that has so many success stories,” Evans Kwofie acknowledges.


Celebrate Our Roots”

The 20th-anniversary celebration is captioned “Celebrate Our Roots”. “Roots are the origin of authentic things, roots are one of the ingredients in the special recipe and roots also talks about our heritage; where we come from. So celebrating authenticity, quality and heritage-inspired the theme for the celebration. It is also interesting to note that this 20th-anniversary celebration coincides with “Year of Return, Ghana 2019”.

So, however you like your Alomo Bitters; straight or on the rocks, a cocktail or a shot, savour the true authentic taste of original herbal bitters. 100% Ghanaian product! Join the celebration of this 20-year success story and make it a memorable one. Kasapreko Alomo Bitters– Celebrate Our Roots!

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