What’s Herbs Got to Do with It (Part 3)? - Madagascar salvages Ghana from COVID19

What’s Herbs Got to Do with It (Part 3)? - Madagascar salvages Ghana from COVID19

According to Ghana's Minister of Information, Mr Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, Ghana has not yet received the herbal tonic as has been widely misreported.

 "What we have said is that, Madagascar has reached out to us, with their supposed or their suggested cure and that we would test it through the FDA and Centre for plant medicine before making a decision," the Minister said at a press briefing on Thursday (May 21, 2020) in Accra.

"The brief as I have it is that we have not received this supposed cure from Madagascar".


The ministry of information did not give credence to the news on its social media account that the Herbal supplement from Madagascar is now in its custody .

Ghana will soon join the likes of  Nigeria, Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea, Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, and Guinea Bissau who have all already received thousands of doses of COVID-19 Organics free of charge.

The minister of information has said that the herbal supplement will meet the standards of the Food and Drug Authority before recommended to the public.

Homegrown traditional medicines have also been considered as an alternative treatment and have also been subjected to third-party testing.

“We are considering it. We have reached out to them. We have asked that it be made available to us & like all drugs, it will be tested by FDA & in this case by Center for Plant Medicine & if proven efficacious, we can recommend its use”

Ghana’s Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) would be expected to study the drug and give a recommendation on it.

As of 20th of May 2020, Ghana has confirmed positive cases of 6096, 1773 recoveries, 4292 Active cases, and has recorded 31 Deaths.

WHO continues to bluff the potency of Herbal traditional medicines.

Malagasy President Andry Rajoelina decries the warnings of the WHO and has attributed the condemnation of the revered drug to a lack of confidence in Africa’s stride to come up with a solution to salvage the world from COVID19. He further called on Africa Nations to look inwards as the solution is in Africa.

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The South African government shares Rajoelina’s sentiments and has positioned itself as a partner to help Madagascar in scaling up its herbal remedy offering scientific hypothesis and its pool of resources to its end.


"We actually did get a call from the government of Madagascar, they did ask us, that they would like to be assisted in the process of trying to validate and try and help to investigate the scientific basis on with such a drug could be used. I had a call with the minister of foreign affairs of Madagascar, and there had been a call from the president. We then have said that our scientific research institutions would be willing to support an analysis, as it were, on that matter," Dr Zweli Mkhize, Health Minister, South Africa.


Traditional medicine is used in all countries and there's a plant in South Africa, called wormwood, that's been used for generations.

The Health official adds,


"There's a herb which we used in my part of the land, which is called UMHLONYANE [worm wood]. UMHLONYANE is used for fevers, for flus. Where I grew up we didn't go hospital, we used UMHLONYANE, we used a lot of that and so if you had fever as young people, we knew you'd go there and collect the stuff and use it for steaming and for drinking as a kind of tonic and bath."


70 traditional medicine experts from across the continent met virtually with the W.H.O. in mid-May and agreed that clinical trials must be conducted on all traditional medicines on the continent.