Unnecessary wearing of Masks could cause death – IPC Coordinator

Unnecessary wearing of Masks could cause death – IPC Coordinator

The coordinator at the Infection, Prevention and Control Centre at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital has revealed that the constant wearing of face masks could cause hypoxia and lead to death.

Hypoxia is a condition were one’s body does not have enough oxygen. According to reports, without oxygen in one’s brain or liver, other organs can be damaged in a matter of minutes when the symptoms start.

Speaking to the Vaultz News, Mavis Aggrey talked about the implications of wearing a mask but categorically stated that there’s no scientific proof yet and whatever she said was based on logic.

“Human beings’ breath out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen so when you wear the mask the expiration which is carbon dioxide is retaken into the body which is supposed to be out and when it persists for a long time, it is capable of causing hypoxia.”

According to reports, lack of oxygen in one’s system could lead to hypoxia which could lead to death. Most people who are at greater risks in this situation are asthmatic patients.

Mrs. Aggrey cautioned that not all situations warrant a mask. She stated that for instance, in a situation when one is not in a crowded place or while driving alone, there is no need wearing a mask. 

Also, she urged the gym enthusiasts to rather exercise at home as most of them would want to protect themselves by wearing masks while at the gym. The risk of running out of breath while in a nose mask and exercising is high, which could lead to hypoxia and death in unfortunate situations.

She however stated that for the greater good, it is prudent that masks are worn to contain one’s secretion so it does not come out to contaminate surfaces.

“If everybody wears face mask, the mask as you cough, talk, sneeze will collect all the secretion and therefore limit the environmental contamination. That is why we’re advocating that everybody should put on mask.”

Mrs. Aggrey went on to recommend the N95 mask as it allows minimal penetration. She explained, “some of the masks, the cotton one for instance, aeration goes on. So even if carbon dioxide will accumulate, some will go out because it’s not tight like the N95…For the N95, when you wear it and you perform your field check and you get to the negative pressure, then that one atmospheric air entering is minimal.”

Again, she associated the effectiveness of the masks to how it is worn.

“Putting on masks goes with how to wear it well without contaminating the mask and how to remove it well without contaminating yourself. Then how to wear it well in covering both the nose and the mouth, not just the mouth."

Meanwhile, Mavis Aggrey stressed that until Ghanaians change their attitudes and behaviours, the country will not be able to overcome the novel coronavirus.

According to her, the World Health Organization (WHO) has projected that the virus may thrive longer as Ghanaians are unable to follow directives.

She said, “everything we say comes from WHO and now they are saying that, we should prepare because the organism will live with us for some time. Some are even proposing two years. So, if it continues like that which I think it will because if we would all wear the mask and observe social distancing, then those who have it, the immunity if it is good, will fight it and it will go and they will not even have the capacity to infect others.”

She also expressed frustration as most Ghanaians are indiscipline and fall through when it comes to observing protocols but urged all to change attitudes as lives depend on it.

“…but hey, we’re not wearing the mask, we’re not observing social distancing so definitely it’s reinfection over and over again. Therefore, it will really stay with us unless we change our attitudes. So, if it stays with us for that long then it becomes endemic like the malaria. Unless we change our attitudes then it will be a thing of the past,” she said.