Two robbers gunned down at Tema over robbery attack

Two robbers gunned down at Tema over robbery attack

Two robbers have been gunned down after stealing over GHS100,000 from a Lebanese and his Ghanaian partner at Tema earlier in the day on Thursday, April 23, 2020.

The two robbers trailed the victims who had gone to cash the said amount from one Zenith Bank branch in the Tema Community.

The robbers immobilised the vehicle in which the businessmen were travelling by deflating the tyres with gunshots before seizing the money.

Narrating circumstances under which the robbery occurred, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Paul Kissi Frimpong said luck eluded the two robbers after the Police patrol team pursued them until they were killed in a fire exchange today.


“A robbery took place in Tema here. A businessman had gone to Zenith Bank to withdraw over GHS100,000. As they left the bank, these two robbers on a motorbike who chased him, mobilized his vehicle by shooting at the tyres then succeeded in taking his money away.”


“An alarm was raised and the information got to the Police. Our patrol team pursued them and eventually had the two of them killed by an exchange of fire. The money also scattered on the street. People had to scramble for the money so eventually, we had only GHS 2, 500 out of the 100,000 cedis,” he said.

Mr Frimpong said the bodies of the two suspects have been deposited at the police hospital mortuary.

The police have suspicions that the pair of robbers were responsible for a similar robbery incident recently, but ACP Kissi Frimpong said an investigation is underway.