Time for Fun with the kids During Lockdown

Time for Fun with the kids During Lockdown

While we are all at home self-isolating and quarantining, we might as well grasp the opportunity to engage in some fun activities or “family time” to overcome the boredom and idleness. Think of this period as a moment to bond with your family at home and have some fun with them as well.

Research has shown that kids are naturally active and would always want to find ways to exhaust their strengths, re-energize for the next day and go back to square one. As such, not even a quarantine can keep them calm. Parents could also tap into this activeness and engage in some fun activities that would not only keep them active but also distract them from the thoughts of fear and panic aroused by the novel pandemic.

Engaging in some of these activities is a form of exercising that’s boost our immune system indirectly. Some of these fun activities may include playing games or watching movies as a form of entertainment.

In this season, games including Ludo (board game), chess, scrabble, among others might be just right to engage everyone in the family. Again, since we are following the lead of digitalization, we might express more interest in some online games like Family Island – a unique farm game in a primal setting. Others including Monopoly, Family Feud, Puzzles, Family talent shows and even storytelling, are some of the best games to play with the kids during this quarantine season.

bringing back family game night hero

Family time can mean Game time

Other alternatives include indulging in the trending online dance and music challenges with the kids. The renegade challenge, the portion challenge, the savage challenge and so on, might just be the “in thing” you and your kids may love. Families could as well, enjoy the option of coming up with a mini book club where everyone in the family reads a story book and discusses it among themselves.


It's fun to dance with the family...helps with excerise too

If you find that boring, then sitting behind the TV while munching on some snacks might just be the mood for your family. In a bid to bond with the family, you could consider watching some family, action, comedy or drama sitcoms or movies. Cartoons aren’t a bad category to consider for visual entertainment. However, try as much as possible to limit cuddling as we still have precautionary measures to adhere to.


Nothing spells a good fun time with the family like watching a movie together

Your family might also enjoy using the quarantine period to bond in the kitchen. Yes! There’s nothing wrong with baking, frying, boiling, grilling, roasting or toasting the boredom away. Not only is the stomach the way to a man’s heart but food also brings the family together. While you may consider engaging in this activity to teach the kids how to cook, be mindful to manage the food items to avoid shortage at home during the lock down.


Family time in the kitchen

For families that are used to having fun outside on trips and voyages, and are finding it hard to adjust to the indoors, this is the time to try something new. You could try any of the indoor fun activities and even more, take up building or remodeling activities at home. Perhaps, you’ve always wanted to redecorate your room or build some artefacts with the kids or teach them some of the fun stuff you used to do as a kid when you were not allowed to go out. What better time is there to do that than now?

All these fun activities are a terrific way to engage both parents and kids in the family. Indulging in games during these times will help to clear your mind off fear and panic, release stress and tension, get equipped with creativity, spend more time and connect with your family. Not forgetting the best medicines to cure the frustration are smiles and laughter.

There’s never a better time than now to get to enjoy some of the activities kids like to do for fun, learn from them, teach them, correct them and grow with them.