The US needs China to Fix its broken economy

The US needs China to Fix its broken economy

The United States and China have settled their differences and seek to achieve a common objective to rebuild their fledging economy and to come up with a lasting solution to the coronavirus pandemic.

President Donald Trump has since dropped his racial term “Chinese virus” and is now showing respect to Xi Jinping.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also called for a mutual relationship between both countries.

“We know that this is a global pandemic, and this is the time for every country to work together to resolve that,” Pompeo told reporters Tuesday when asked about China.

Beijing foreign minister has also put the US government on the edge with their conspiracy theory of the virus been planted by US troops in Wuhan. But there is a soft tone now as the Chinese profess their undying love for The US.

Not time for ‘blame game’
COVID-19 has killed more than 12,000 people in the United States and with a shortage of medical supplies, the role of china helping to contain the pandemic is inevitable.

 “Washington certainly does not want to alienate Beijing to the point that it bans the sale of medical equipment to the United States,” said Elizabeth Economy, director of Asia studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

She doubted that the newfound tone would improve the rest of the relationship, which was already tense before the pandemic.

Who stands to gain from a mutual relationship?

China wants to rebrand itself as a pandemic benefactor. When it comes to the trajectory of crises that have befallen the Asians many a times, there is a knack for turning it to opportunities.

Whilst countries around the world have imposed lockdown the Chinese have gotten back to work and are bent on supplying Chineses medical equipment to a wounded world batterd by COVID19.

China’s top priority is to revive global demand for its exports and to expand its power as Trump has weakened US alliances.