Steel Company Shut Down By GRA Over ¢6m Tax Default

A steel company, Apollo Steel Ghana Ltd at Kpone in the Greater Accra Region, has been locked up by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) for the tax debt of about ¢6 million.

The exercise was done by a team from the Debt Management, Compliance and Enforcement Unit of GRA. They stated that they were operating under instructions because the company has defaulted tax payment since 2018 and there was the need to shut it down.

The leader of the delegation, Alpha Senanu Hossoo, explained that the company failed on its promise following an earlier agreement which would have seen it pay a certain amount.

“Management of the company is to cough up the ¢6 million in bankers draft and the place will be opened for them. We have engaged management members severally,” he said.

Mr Hossoo further stated that he did not care about the financial state of the company rather he cares about his job.

He said, “whether the company is making a profit or otherwise, that’s not my decision to make. We have been asked to either get the said amount or lockup the place."

This exercise by the GRA is to serve as a deterrent to companies that owe taxes.

“If there is the need to visit another company, why not, we will,” he said.

Some aggrieved workers who were unhappy with the action questioned why the state had taken such an action without considering their interest.

Apollo Steel Ghana Ltd will remain closed until the necessary steps are taken to address the tax default situation.