Noguchi Medical Research Institute Appeals for Support from Private Organizations

The Director of the Noguchi Medical Research Institute, Prof. Abraham Kwabena Annan, has appealed to philanthropists and the private sector to support the institute to continue with its operation.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the country has led to the overburden use of the institute’s resources for testing COVID-19 cases.

The medical research institute is currently the front runner medical research institute for testing the virus in the country. The country has tested over 600 suspected COVID-19 cases so far both at the Noguchi Medical Research Institute and the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research (KCCR) with confirmed cases now at 52.

According to Prof. Abraham Annan, the institute is in good shape but needs more resources now.

“Honestly, the center is in good standing but we also need resources. For example, you would see our advanced research laboratories there and it was opened last year and by next year there are so many things we have to replace there. For instance, the highly advanced filters or ETC which is designed to contain any pathogens to pose a threat to the environment.Some of these machines are in millions of dollars and so we need resources, that one I should make it clear. If we are not able to match up with those resources we would have to close down the advance research laboratory, that is the challenge we have now,” he explained.

Government’s contribution to ensuring enough resources at the Institute

According to Prof. Kwabena Annan, the government is providing enough test kits to conduct tests for COVID-19 cases.

“When it comes to testing for COVID-19 cases, the government is matching up reasonably, because as the government takes a decision, for example, we’re testing everybody who comes into the country, they are also releasing resources and we also know the president announced a $100 million dollars set aside to fight the virus and definitely some parties earmarked for making sure things are right otherwise we would not play that important front runner role which the whole country and the world needs.,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Health, Kwaku Agyemeng Manu has said that the country has adequate rooms to accommodate persons tested positive for coronavirus.