Nigerian security forces kill more people than Coronavirus

Nigerian security forces kill more people than Coronavirus
  • 18 people in Nigeria have been killed by security forces during the Lockdown
  • National Human Rights Commission has documented "105 complaints of incidents of human rights violations
  • The commission noted the tally of killings was higher than the recorded toll from COVID-19


((FIGHTING COVID19 INIGERIA)) Countries around the world are doing everything in their power to contain an invincible enemy and have rolled out cash donations and medical supplies to that effect. The government has issued Lockdown measures to ascertain the damage and to counter-attack with the right measures even if it meant concealing the numbers of death.

 The Nigeria security forces in their quest to realize the objectives have surpassed the numbers of the COVID-19 death toll in Nigeria by employing high handedness.

At least 18 people in Nigeria have ‘kicked the bucket’ during the enforcement of measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, a figure higher than NCDC documented toll inflicted by the disease, the country's human rights body said.

The National Human Rights Commission made claims on Wednesday, to have received and documented "105 complaints of incidents of human rights violations perpetrated by security forces" in 24 of Nigeria's 36 states and Abuja, the capital.

Of these complaints, "there were eight documented incidents of extrajudicial killings leading to 18 deaths", it said.

The Case File

"Eight of those killed were by correctional officers in the northwest Kaduna state. The police were accused of killing seven and the army was allegedly responsible for two deaths.

 A local committee enforcing the lockdown in the southeast was responsible for killing one individual." Reports Al Jazeera's Ahmed Idris, from Abuja.

The commission revealed that the numbers of death linked to the Nigerian security forces have surpassed that of the COVID19 outbreak in the country.

"Law enforcement agents extrajudicially executed 18 persons in the cause of the enforcement regulations," it said.

It accused the security agents of "excessive or disproportionate use of force, abuse of power, corruption and non-adherence to national and international laws, best practices and rules of engagement."



The Federal government recently extended the Lockdown to another 14days This resulted in the #PayusviaBVN trend on social media, many who are directly affected by the impact of COVID19 are asking the government to pay their COVID19relief fund through Bank Verification Number.

To make sure the Lockdown is adhered to, Security forces, including police and the army, have been deployed to enforce the restrictions, sparking deadly confrontations in some states.

Nigeria has imposed a total lockdown in Abuja, the commercial capital Lagos, and neighboring Ogun state. It has also set restrictions in other regions in a bid to contain the virus.

Will the report reduce extrajudicial deaths in the country?

Police spokesman Frank Mba, when asked about his views on the allegation, said that the police authorities would not condone any abuses or infractions against its officers, adding that his office will not condone corruption and and have always been reprimanded.

He said the police would continue to enforce the lockdown measures "professionally and in line with international best practices".

This is a splash of reports that have flooded the media sphere all of which have been denied by the Nigerian security forces.

Millions of Nigerians who live on a daily stipend have been forced to stay at home without a lifeline but there have been measures carried out by the Government to alleviate their sufferings but time is running out.