Nigerian Doctor Develops Special COVID-19 Testing Booth bereft of Protective Gear

Dr. Ola “Orekunrin” Brown is a  Nigerian UK-trained medical doctor who is perhaps best known for her entrepreneurial efforts as the founder of Flying Doctors Nigeria. 

These days, she also leads Greentree Investment Fund — an early-stage sector-agnostic investor in technology companies with a portfolio that currently includes Paystack, MDaaS Global, Eazyhire, and five other startups.

Ten years ago, the 34-year-old who also holds academic qualifications in Economics and Accounting founded an air ambulance service to airlift patients to more suitable levels of care. 


The business venture has since evolved into the Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company which helps scale-up companies in the healthcare and wellness sphere.

With a knack for innovation, her entrepreneurial drive has led her to develop a COVID-19 testing booth that not only contains the disease but its also affordable.

Her new batch of Coronavirus walk-in testing booths is ready to be shipped out from her facility.

ngr doctor


They expand access to testing, whilst reducing the risk to healthcare workers. #theresistance

It’s a mobile testing booth that doesn’t require heavy use of single-use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which are, anyway, in short supply. With this, the doctor/ founder is hoping to ramp up COVID-19 testing in Africa and keeping frontline health workers safe while significantly cutting down on the need for single-use PPE which can be quite expensive.

According to her, designing the product took approximately two weeks experimenting with different materials and learning from South Korea where booths have been used extensively.


“Every single epidemic, I lose colleagues. Doctors/nurses/lab scientists, people I knew personally, people whose work I have followed,” Dr. Ola said. 

“One of the key issues in my mind continually is how to protect healthcare workers on the front line.”

The innovation of these sorts funded by the government can create a shift in Nigerians Fledging health care system that cannot meet the needs of the growing population.

As she revealed, some of the newly developed testing booths have already been shipped to clients; a testament to the importance of such a creation.