Minority in Parliament stage a walkout over lack of quorum

A Minority in Parliament walkout has been staged over the Speaker of Parliament’s insistence on carrying on with proceedings despite not forming a quorum in the House.

This means that the number of members whose presence is required before a meeting can legally take action or proceed.

It showed that less than one-third of the seats in Parliament were occupied by some Members of Parliament for business_hence, an uneven representation.

Following Article 102 of the 1992 Constitution, it states that a quorum of Parliament apart from the person presiding shall be one-third of all members of Parliament.

The walkout decision was taken by the Minority led by the Minority Chief Whip, Muntaka Mubarak, who described the proceedings as “an illegality.”

“We don’t have a quorum but we are carrying on? What then is the use of our constitution and then the standing orders. That is not fair.”

He further added that:

“You are abusing your privilege in this House. You are making this House lawless Mr Speaker,” he insisted.