Members of Parliament to resume tomorrow following a call from Speaker

Speaker of Parliament - Professor Aaron Mike Oquaye


Members of Parliament are expected to resume parliamentary proceedings tomorrow, April 8, 2020, after it went on suspension three days ago.

The recall is to aid the continuation of the first meeting of the fourth session of Parliament which started on January 28, 2020.

Early on, the suspension had created some controversy because of an indefinite adjournment which was expected by the MPs.

Ordinarily, to end a meeting, the Speaker would adjourn the House indefinitely and under such circumstances, a recall of the House would require a 14-day notice.

But Parliament has said following the circumstances surrounding the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic the actions of the speaker’s action is justifiable.

“What the Speaker did was in recognition of the fact that the whole nation is in a general state of emergency and so it is important that the House acts in a manner that will bring utmost benefit to the welfare of the nation,” the statement explained.

Parliament also noted that “the House could be recalled at any time” and that it was important that “the House holds itself in readiness for any eventuality.”

It also cited Standing Order 6 which gives the Speaker room to “make provisions as he deems fit” when there is no explicit direction.

The Minority in Parliament is currently threatening to drag the Speaker of Parliament to the Supreme Court for what it describes as illegality on the path of the Speaker in suspending Parliament.

Below is the full statement from the office of the speaker of parliament

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