Liquor Manufacturing Companies Still in Production Even as Bars are closed


WhiteCap's New Look


One of Kenya’s oldest beer brands recently got a new brand look. WhiteCap Lager is now available in a new glass bottle and pack design.

The new WhiteCap Lager pack includes a redesigned logo adapted from its original, historic form, which proudly highlights its 70-year heritage.

"This exercise is the product of a lot of research and numerous conversations with our consumers. Premium brands all across the globe are evolving, as far as positioning is concerned. Packaging is and continues to be a major trailblazer in terms of brand perception and value creation to consumers. This is what we sought to achieve with our repackaging of WhiteCap Lager.” said EABL’s Head of Marketing Beer, AnnJoy Muhoro.

Kenya has a burgeoning middle class who are quickly developing exotic taste for the finer things in life thus, the reason why liquor companies are going on an overdrive to stay ahead of the curve and satisfy their new taste. Last week, the company unveiled Baileys Delight; targeting local male and female consumers, as it moves to expand consumers’ experience within the beverage alcohol market.

The company says it's yet to feel the impact of the coronavirus as Kenyans are urged to stay at home and bars ordered to remain shut following eight new confirmed cases of Covid-19 bringing to total 15.

On Sunday, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe, said in order to secure the social distance rule, bars will remain shut until further notice while restaurants are to remain open but only for purposes of facilitating takeaway services.