Lamborghini is Driven to mass-produce medical equipment

Lamborghini is Driven to mass-produce medical equipment

As the COVID-19 pandemic looms across the world, settings like a crowded factory or packed restaurant have now been shut down due to the fear of an outbreak.

Italy has been worst-hit in the face of this pandemic, forcing much of the country into lockdown.

Lamborghini has its headquarters and factory in the heart of Italy and has taken measures to shut down production in their Sant'Agata Bolognese factory to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Lamborghini's CEO Stefano Domenicali stated that "This measure is an act of social responsibility and high sensibility toward our people, in the extraordinary situation in which we find ourselves right now in Italy."


Lamborghini is not throwing in the towel yet but has changed gears into an industry it has no pivot and experience- The production of medical equipment.

What makes this daunting is that Lamborghini's vehicles are mostly hand made. This means they lack the machinery to mass-produce medical equipment.

CEO Stefan Domenicali went on to say that

"During this emergency, we feel the need to make a concrete contribution... Supporting those who are at the forefront of fighting this pandemic every day." And he stuck to his word, converting Lamborghini's interior upholstery division to make surgical masks.

Each craftsman who would have been hand sewing interior pieces for masterpieces like the Aventador SVJ is now making surgical masks, all by hand. Their carbon fiber production center as well has been converted to make plexiglass face shields, using advanced 3D printers in collaboration with Lamborghini's R&D department.


What's truly impressive about this effort is that while hand sewing surgical masks may sound extremely inefficient, Lamborghini has shown they can make 1000 per day using this technique, and 200 of their face shields per day as well.

So to maximize the impact of their efforts, Lamborghini is working with both the University of Bologna, as well as government and health officials of the Bologna Province, in order to make absolutely sure their production meets the official standards and is going to the right people.

What's the ROI?

Once the masks and shields Lamborghini made have been deemed to meet proper specifications and gain approval for medical use, they are donated.

 In particular, Lamborghini is donating their masks and shields to the Sant'Orsola-Malpighi hospital in Bologna, where they will be used to protect the medical workers fighting on the front lines of this pandemic. As a gesture of morale as well, Lamborghini has begun lighting their headquarters with the colors of the Italian flag every night to promote unity and Italian pride.

Drive home with this

Even if they can't make as many supplies as higher volume car manufacturers can, their suspension of production, and willingness to hand-craft surgical masks when they are not legally obligated to make them, shows that the company truly cares about the country they represent.

As an Italian icon themselves, Lamborghini is setting a great example, showing that integrity and a willingness to help others even if it is difficult is just as important as selling a product.

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