Just In: Donald Trump's COVID-19 Cure Debunked

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President Donald Trump

President of the USA, Donald Trump, recently made it known that there is a real chance of finding cure to the corona virus.

According to his tweet, two substances: Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin, when taken together could "move mountains".

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He urged the US FDA, CDC and DHS government to quicken their processes so that the drug could be put in use "IMMEDIATELY".

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Although, what's the guarantee that these medicinal substances would be as effective as he "promises"?

Response from founder and CEO of Cool Quit, Eugene Gu, suggested otherwise and said directly under Trump's tweet that there's no solid proof that these drug works and that Trump is giving false hope.

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While it may be still unclear if there is a solution or cure and if it works or guarantees total healing, let's keep to the preventive measures that reduces the risk of one's susceptibility.