It is a historic day for China - Last corona virus patients released from hospital in Wuhan

It is a historic day for China - Last corona virus patients released from hospital in Wuhan

Wuhan, the city where China’s coronavirus outbreak originated from is now free from coronavirus after the last 12 patients were discharged Sunday. This was confirmed by the Hubei province health commission.

Hubei’s remaining patients were all in Wuhan when the virus hit the city. A death toll of  3,869 people resulting from the pandemic accounts for more than 80% of the country’s reported deaths.

“It is a historic day,” said a report in a newspaper owned by the Wuhan government and posted on the city’s website.

Hubei has no more suspected cases in its hospitals, though 1,728 people who had close contact with an infected person remain under medical observation, the province's health commission reported Monday.

The government has curtailed international flights and tightened its borders since the resurgence of the virus has been said to have originated abroad.

Patients remain hospitalized elsewhere in China, including 67 in Shanghai and three in Beijing.

A central government contingency team stationed in Hubei since late January departed Monday, indicates the city has fully reemerged from the pandemic, the official New China News Agency said.

Will things be the same in China?

As  China seems to have won the fight against COVID19 it faces another battle to unclench the gridlock of a bad name, as the U.S. and other countries' calls for an investigation into its role in the pandemic.

“We hope the U.S. will respond to people’s concerns from the U.S. and the international community. Perhaps the World Health Organization can also be invited in to assist in the investigation,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a daily briefing on Monday.

WHO has since taken the fall of a bad-romance wit China, since the Trump administration froze its funding and accusing the organization of being China-centric.

China Fires Back at USA wants an end to Name- Shaming

China, where the virus was first detected late last year, has vehemently denied accusations from the U.S. and others that it suppressed information about the outbreak, allowing it to spread far wider than it might have and delaying responses from other countries.

Also Monday, the New China News Agency ran a commentary accusing U.S. Republican politicians of seeking to gain political points by attacking China over the pandemic.

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“The U.S. conservatives’ moves to cover up their own failures by shifting blame and public attention will only harm those still struggling in the pandemic and render the global fight much harder,” the agency said.