How innovation thrives amid a pandemic- Kasapreko shows the way in Ghana

Kasapreko Company Limited, a beverage manufacturing company has halted its manufacturing of beverages for the mass production of hand sanitizers and alcohol hand rubs.

The move is in accordance with the World Health Organization (WHO) standards to ensure safe and clean hands to prevent the spread of the virus.

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                                                                         Kasapreko hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers have been in high demand recently due to the coronavirus and this has resulted in a price hike of the product.

The alarming rate at which hand sanitizers are being bought in the country has left a national shortage of the essential product amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“The spread of coronavirus is a national concern and as a result, we have put on hold the production of drinks – focusing on the production of quality, affordable hand sanitizers and hand rubbing alcohol amid a shortage of these products and price hikes,” CEO of Kasapreko Company Ltd, Richard Adjei, stated.

The increase in demand for a product will proportionately increase the profit of a company, thus, the reason for some companies to increase the price of hand sanitizers.


                                                        The Hand sanitizers being bottled and packaged

However, the Commercial Director for Kasapreko Company Limited, Gerald Bonsu in an interview with Joy Business, mentioned that the company’s focus is not to make outrageous profits.

“We will make sure these products are sold at the exact price of 6 cedis per sanitizer and cut out all possibilities of smuggling, hoarding, and profiteering, the company is not considering profits amid the production of these hand sanitizers,” he stated.

The company says its production capacity of these hand sanitizers exceeds 200,000 bottles a day.

Other beverage manufacturing companies around the globe are also doing the same.

Scotland Beverage Company, Brewdog Distilling Co., is now making hand sanitizer at its distillery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Brewdog Distilling Co. is now making a How innovation thrives amid a pandemic- Kasapreko shows the way in Ghanahand sanitizer at its distillery in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Absolut Vodka has said it will distribute high alcohol neutral spirit in Sweden for use in hand sanitizers.

Paula Eriksson, communications manager for The Absolut Company, has said the vodka producer is “happy to help”.

“We can deliver the neutral alcohol by itself if the receiving authorities can help with the rest,” she tweeted.

What can an Entrepreneur learn from this?

This provides the chance for entrepreneurs in Ghana to learn how to be innovative in dire situations. It will also create a chance for entrepreneurs in Ghana to attract customers attention by coming to their aid when they need them the most.