GMA tells government to declare nationwide lockdown

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has called on the government to declare a nationwide lockdown with immediate effect following the number of COVID-19 cases recorded in the country.

Although the GMA is calling for an immediate lockdown, the association has, however, said the lockdown should exempt essential service providers.

In a statement issued by the association, it says:


“The GMA being fully conscious of the threat posed by this pandemic, the disturbing trend of community spread and the obvious inadequate capacity (logistics and human resources) of the nation’s health system to deal with the increased numbers of COVID-19 infection especially in the severe to critical cases, call on His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana to declare a Nationwide Lockdown with the exception of essential services with immediate effect,” the statement read.



Further in the statement, the Ghana Medical Association urged Ghanaians to support the decision should the government adopt the suggestion of a lockdown although it will be uncomfortable for most Ghanaians.

“The lockdown though not a comfortable decision for leadership and citizens alike is a proven option backed by science and along with the other measures will ultimately be in our best interest. We call on all Ghanaians to support such a move in the national interest to save our nation from the devastating effects of this pandemic,” the statement added.


Below is the full statement from the Ghana Medical Association.

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