GIFF worried Over New UNIPASS System

The Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders (GIFF) has called for an immediate meeting with the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority over new UNIPASS implementation at the Ports.

The UNI-PASS system offers importers and exporters an integrated system of filing all documents as against the previous system where declarant had to visit each and every agency involved. 

Speaking in an interview,  President of GIFF, Edward Akrong said the new system has no extraordinary features to change their like for the previous system.

"What we have now is something that we have build together to this point and we have become comfortable suddenly, they are going to shift our positions. We have not seen any extraordinary thing about what is coming that is going to change our likes, we would have to think about it,  we have to speak out.

We have actually sent letters to the commissioner that we want to meet him on this issue and then we have to sit down and consider. If any of these technology supporting Insitute pull out UNIPASS or whoever is coming in, Are we ready to plug-in? We cannot toil with what we do at the port, we are talking of serious revenue issues," he explained.

However, the new system which is said to be piloted at the Takoradi Harbour is yet to begin.

How will the new System facilitate activities at the Port?

According to the Deputy Commissioner of Customs in Charge of Policy and Programmes, Felix Mante-Kodjo, UNI-PASS offers one-stop service through the single window, reduction of clearance time, real-time cargo tracking and, risk management.

He added that the system would help businesses to send information regarding consignment simultaneously to each agency concerned for swift response in trade facilitation.