Ghana Confirms Four More New Cases of COVID-19

Ghana has confirmed four more new cases of coronavirus bringing the total number of confirmed cases to six, the total number of cases reported in the country.

This was announced in a press briefing by the government in an effort to update citizens on the outbreak of the virus recorded so far in the country.

According to the government, three out of the four cases were recorded in Accra while the other one was recorded in the Ashanti Region.

In the wake of further explaining the issue, Director of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Badu Sarkodie, said the new cases were imported into the country.

He added that twelve contact-tracing cases have been identified in Accra while 30 more also identified in Obuasi but have so far tested negative to the virus and have not shown any symptom yet.

What is the way forward?

In effect, the government of Ghana has issued a new travel advisory measures to ensure the safety at the country’s exit points.

All persons traveling to Ghana are strongly discouraged.

Non-Ghanaian citizens who, within the last fourteen days have traveled to countries with more than 200 confirmed COVID-19 cases should be barred from entering the country.

Additionally, a mandatory 14 day self-quarantine should be given to any individual upon entry into the country.