GCFFA Signs MoU with Maltese Firm, Aquabiotic

The Ghana Custom of Fishing Farmers Association (GCFFA)  has signed a  memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Maltese firm Aquabiotic to improve fish farming methods on the Volta Lake.

The deal will allow fish farmers in Ghana to be trained by Aquabiotic as well as undergo research training on proper fish farming methods.

According to the Chairman of the Akosombo Zone Fish Farmers Association, Godfred Alimo, the training will help discard the recent low record of fishing in the country.

“…at the end of your production period let’s say you are having like 100,000 you lose almost 40,000 to 60,000  which is not helping the business to grow and the cause is being found but it has been happening and you know we don’t have control over the lake. Actually, we thought it’s around the lower lake but now it’s happening even in the upstream, it’s affecting the bigger farms also,” he said.

Adding that: “Government has started by getting samples of the fish for vaccination and others but as a private sector we want to go beyond that, so we contact Aquabiotic in Malta for members of the group to go for training. Actually what is happening could be our practices or environmental issue or other issue and because they are expert we think they can help us solve this issue.”

What does the MoU seek to address in the Fishing Sector?

Reports indicate that there is a decline in marine fish catch due to negative growth recorded by the sector. Last month, the sector minister said more focus will be on Aquaculture this year to improve the decline in marine fish.

As part of efforts to improve the sector, the deal will give an opportunity for farmers to be trained for proper and effective fishing methods.