FIGHTING COVID19 IN US - Death toll exceeds Vietnam War

FIGHTING COVID19 IN US - Death toll exceeds Vietnam War
  • The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States has topped one million, representing almost a third of the global total.
  • The milestone comes as the US death toll from the novel coronavirus exceeds the 58,220 American lives lost during the Vietnam War.
  • The US death toll since the first death recorded on February 29 reached 58,233 on Tuesday, up more than 2000 from the prior day.
  • The outbreak could take more than 74,000 US lives by August 4, compared with an April 22 forecast of over 67,600, according to the University of Washington’s predictive model often cited by White House officials.


According to Reuters Tally, US cases have doubled in 18 days and makeup one-third of all infections in the world.

CDC has said that the actual number of cases is believed to be higher, with state public health officials warning that shortages of trained workers and materials have limited testing capacity.

The news came as about a dozen states moved to reopen their economies despite a lack of large-scale virus testing rasing mixed feelings.

President Donald Trump’s economic adviser has predicted that the furlough will spike over 16 percent for April, so a lot of people will be out of jobs. Incidentally, protests have been breaking out over stay-at-home orders.

What do we expect to see in the coming weeks?

Rise in Confirmed cases as most states are reaching their Peak

While most US states seem to have passed their peaks in the pandemic, seven — Hawaii, Mississippi, Texas, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, and North Dakota — may be experiencing their peaks now or in the coming weeks, the model shows.

A rise in unemployment figures

The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits over the past five weeks has soared to 26.5 million, underscoring the pandemic’s economic impact.

NYC will not be reopening its state any time soon

The governors of other states, including New York, have deferred easing restrictions out of concern they might fuel the second wave of infections.

“Everyone is talking about reopening. I get it,” New York governor Andrew Cuomo said, adding decisions should not be based on politics, emotions or in reaction to protests.

“We want to reopen, but we want to do it without infecting more people or overwhelming the hospital system,” he said.

About 30 percent of the cases have occurred in New York state, the epicenter of the US outbreak, followed by New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, and Pennsylvania.

Globally, coronavirus cases top three million since the outbreak began in China late last year.

The US, with the world’s third-largest population, has five times as many cases as the next hardest-hit countries of Italy, Spain, and France.

Of the 20 most severely affected countries, the US ranks fifth based on cases per capita.

The US has about 30 cases per 10,000 people. Spain ranks first at over 48 cases per 10,000 people, followed by Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy.

The coronavirus deaths in the US fall short of the approximately 100,000 Americans killed by seasonal flu in 1967, according to the CDC.

It is also far less deadly than the Spanish flu, which began in 1918 and killed 675,000 Americans.

It is suggested that Vaccines should be tested in Red flagged states to mitigate the resurgence of a second outbreak

There should be a concerted effort by Global health organizations and independent bodies to contain the pandemic.

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