Even when there was disagreement with the result of an election, it was the Supreme Court rather than the street that determined its outcome- President Akufo-Addo

Even when there was disagreement with the result of an election, it was the Supreme Court rather than the street that determined its outcome- President Akufo-Addo

President Akufo Addo in his address on the new voter’s register said, the compilation exercise is for the purpose of the December 7 general elections, and that despite the EC being fraught with court battles over its interest in compiling a new voter’s register, the problems have been surmounted.

In his words, what stood in the way of the voter’s register was surmounted last Thursday, when a seven member panel of the Supreme Court presided over by the chief Justice, in a unanimous decision, settled all the issues surrounding the voter’s register.

“The decision affirmed the right of the electoral commission to proceed with the compilation of a new register in accordance with the provision of constitutional instrument C.I 126. It reiterated the widely held belief that the credible electoral register and indeed a credible election are important ingredients to securing the future wellbeing of any democratic nation”.

Also, he opined that, about 33,367 polling stations would embark on the voter’s register compilation exercise scheduled to commence on Tuesday, June 30, 2020.

He was vociferous in his pride of being a citizen of the country as he touted the independence of the judicial system and electoral commission in operating in all fairness.

For all intents and purposes, there has been strong contention over whether election should be conducted bearing in mind the COVID-19 pandemic we have at hand, with some others calling for a hold on elections. President Akufo-Addo said, the constitution of our Republic makes no provision for the extension of the mandate of the president who wields the executive power, beyond four years.

“On 7th January 2021, when my mandate as the president expires, a duly elected person must be ready to be sworn in as president of the republic, and there is no other way.

Similarly, he advised election should be conducted on the designated date to avert any “needless constitutional controversy which could throw our country into jeopardy”.

In further allaying visceral fear of the public amid COVID-19, the president gave examples of countries who have successfully carried out their elections.

“In Asia, we’ve witnessed the conduct of a successful election in South Korea… and in our own continent of Africa, both Mali and Malawi have preceded us in organizing successful national elections.

‘Surely, it is not beyond Ghana to join these nations in organizing successful general elections even in the midst of the pandemic”.

The president also admonished the general public not to engage in nefarious activities as they will be dealt with ‘in the full rigors of the law’.

He added that,the election on 7the December must be a Ghanaian election and not a West African election, conducted with the register of Ghanaian voters. That is the only way the true will of the Ghanaian people can manifest.

The Inspector General of police reassurance to the president on their resolve to ensure peace during the election was met with profound elation.

“The police have been instructed to be even-handed in handling issues and that is the only way the rule of law can be upheld”.