Donald Trump wants Dr. Anthony Fauci to be The Fall Guy Amid Criticism of Slow Virus Response

Donald Trump wants Dr. Anthony Fauci to be The Fall Guy Amid Criticism of Slow Virus Response

President Trump was irritated on Sunday with Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the federal government’s top infectious disease expert, on his remark that more lives could have been saved from the coronavirus if the country had acted faster.

Trump, who is irked over the US's slow response to dealing with the COVID-19, reshared a tweet on Sunday about firing Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984 and one of the top experts on Trump's coronavirus task force, who helped tackle the AIDS, Zika, and Ebola epidemics.

The tweet, which was written by Republican DeAnna Lorraine who is running for Congress, said: "Fauci is now saying that had Trump listened to the medical experts earlier he could've saved more lives. Fauci was telling people on February 29th that there was nothing to worry about and it posed no threat to the US public at large." Lorraine's tweet included a hashtag that said: "Time to #FireFauci."

It's been about two months since the US's first cases, and 22,023 have died from the virus and 555,398 have been infected, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Trump who is an hydroxycloroquine peddler, an anti-malaria drug, on patients with COVID-19.

 Trump has been vocal about his support for hydroxychloroquine, and would not allow Fauci to answer comments on what he thought about the drug as he kept repeatedly asking: "What do you have to lose?"

Trump’s Fall Guy Timeline

Five days ago, he got rid of Glenn Fine, the acting inspector general at the Department of Defense, who had been tasked with overseeing the implementation of the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package.

Before that, on April 3, he fired intelligence community inspector general Michael Atkinson, who had alerted Congress about the whistleblower's complaint that accused Trump of soliciting foreign election interference.

What instigated a "Time to #FireFauci." Retweet?

Trumps' retweet was in response to Fauci speaking to CNN on Sunday, as well as a New York Times report from Saturday that outlined recommendations Fauci backed on February 21.

On Sunday,  Fauci told CNN's "State of the Union" earlier in the day that "no one is going to deny" that lives could have been saved if the US implemented containment measures earlier on in the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Fauci said fewer people would have died if the Trump administration had announced isolation measures in February instead of late March after fielding warnings from public health officials.

"As I've said many times, we look at it from a pure health standpoint," he said. "We make a recommendation. Often the recommendation is taken. Sometimes it's not. But it is what it is. We are where we are right now."