COVID-19: Tamale Central Hospital unties services of casual workers

COVID-19: Tamale Central Hospital unties services of casual workers

The Tamale Central Hospital in the Northern Region has with immediate effect disengaged the services of all casual workers at the facility until further notice due to the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on their operations.

This decision has become necessary due to the hospital’s inability to generate enough money to pay these casual workers following a decline in the number of patients it has been recording in the wake of the pandemic.

According to a memo from the management of the facility reads:

“This is to inform all causal staff of this hospital that they are disengaged from the hospital with immediate effect until further notice. This directive has become necessary due to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19).


“Patients’ attendance has been dwindling and the hospital will not be able to generate any revenue for the period that the pandemic is going to be with us. This implies that the hospital will not be able to pay hired labour wages for the entire duration of the pandemic. It is against this background that, all casual workers are disengaged until further notice.”


What has been the response from the casual worker?

Meanwhile, the causal workers say the decision by the hospital administration is only a means to frustrate them as the facility is never cash-strapped per claims made by the management.

Rather, the current turn of events can be blamed on what they say is the ‘selfishness and incompetence’ of the Medical Superintendent who is committed to relieving all casual workers from their posts.

They contend that the Medical Superintendent has on three occasions dismissed some casual workers before the start of the pandemic, hence building on the current situation to achieve his plan.

According to workers claiming they have unsettled payments since December 2019 in a letter reads:

“The main reason for the disengagement of all causal contract is as a result of a meeting held by casual workers to deliberate on the rapid retrogressing and decline in service by the hospital. We wish to dismiss the claims and make it very clear that, the hospital has never been broke but rather, this selfish and incompetent medical superintendent deliberately brought the hospital to its knees.”


The economic impact of the COVID-19

Businesses and institutions are facing hard turn since the outset of the coronavirus pandemic as it reaches alarming levels with higher numbers of confirmed cases.

Since the outbreak of COVID 19, business activities globally have witnessed a dip, running into huge financial losses.

In Ghana, the situation is no different as some organizations have laid off casual workers due to low patronage.

They say patronage has dropped by a huge margin, some also want the government to offer them some relief by way of tax cuts to prevent a complete shutdown of their facilities.

Meanwhile, a 1 billion Cedis stimulus package among other relieves have been issued by the government to cushion institutions facing intense impact due to the outbreak of the virus.