COVID-19: Support your kids at home- Education Minister Urges Parents

 COVID-19: Support your kids at home- Education Minister Urges Parents

The Minister of Education, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh has urged parents and guardians to continue to render their utmost support to their children while they study at home.

Following the ban on social gathering, all schools were closed indefinitely to curtail the spread of the virus in the country.

In a letter from the ministry to parents and guardians, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh encouraged parents to continue to make the safety and well-being of their families and themselves a top priority and also congratulated them for their support so far since the outbreak of the virus.

“Following school closures and various restrictions in the country to curtail the spread of the virus, my team and I empathize with how overwhelming it may be for you at home and I believe you have a deeper sense of appreciation of the enormous task that rests with schools and teachers”.

The minister outlined some measures to help parents in managing their child’s time at home.

“Drawing a simple timetable or schedule with breaks for rest, play or meals; Giving the kids simple tasks and assessing them orally and correcting them appropriately; Encouraging the children to take on new healthy hobbies; Incorporating physical education/exercise into their day to day activities to cope with staying indoors for long periods; Creating a safe environment for children to learn and thrive and avoid overburdening them with chores, and finally strengthening the relationship with their children’s schoolteachers and administrators to receive ongoing support with learning at home.”

“As we navigate through these challenging times, I am reminded of how fortunate we are to be part of this strong community that supports each other to accomplish great things. It is the power of this community that will propel us through this to better times” the Minister said.

He stated that the government has put in place various measures to ensure that children continued to learn while at home.

Measures by the Government to Ensure continuity in Learning

According to Dr. Prempeh, the Ministry has introduced a number of platforms with more measures underway to assist children in learning.

One of these measures is the introduction of the online resources available for SHS students. The minister mentioned that the online resources available for SHS students on iCampus Ghana could be accessed at using their BECE Index Number plus the last two digits of the year they wrote their BECE as their username.

Citing an example, he said, “SHS 3 students should add 17 to the end of their BECE index number, whereas for SHS 2 students, 18 should be added, and for SHS 1 students, 19 should be added after their BECE Index number.”

The Ghana Learning TV, he said, was now available on free to air TV as well as on DStv channel 315, GOtv channel 150 and StarTimes channel 312.`

He added that the Ministry was currently producing learning content for radio broadcast, soon to be available across the country.