COVID-19: NIA Deploys Vehicles to Support Enhanced Contact Tracing and Testing

COVID-19: NIA Deploys Vehicles to Support Enhanced Contact Tracing and Testing

Head of Corporate Affairs at the NIA, ACI Francis Palmdeti

The National Identification Authority (NIA) has discharge some of its operational vehicles to the government to be used for enhanced contact tracing exercises to support the government to fight Coronavirus in Ghana.

Over the past thirteen days, the government introduced an enhanced contact tracing and testing exercise following the increase in community cases being recorded. This has so far led to 159 cases being confirmed through the exercise.

Hundreds of health workers, immigration officers and security officers from the police and national security were deployed for the exercise.

According to the Head of Corporate Affairs at the NIA, ACI Francis Palmdetti, a total of 77 vehicles have been deployed with NIA drivers to engage in the exercise.

“The deployed vehicles that are being operated by NIA drivers comprise 52 white pick-up trucks, 10 branded pick-up trucks, 11 white vans and four branded vans. The release of the vehicles follows a request from the Ministry of National Security with the approval of the office of the Chief of Staff. Members of the general public are entreated to give this government’s effort their unqualified support and observe the prescribed protocol of social distancing and maintenance of personal hygiene through regular hand washing and use of hand sanitizers.”

COVID-19 cases in Ghana

The confirmed cases of the novel Coronavirus in Ghana have increased to 566 cases as of April 12, 2020 with the death toll at eight and four recoveries.

“As of 11 April 2020, 23:00 HRS, a total of 37,954 persons have been tested with 566 being positive for COVID-19,” the Ghana Health Service (GHS) reports.

Of the 566 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 292 were reported from the routine surveillance, 159 from enhanced surveillance activities and 115 from travelers under mandatory quarantine in both Accra and Tamale.

The breakdown of the 566 positive cases are as follows: four (4) have been treated, discharged and tested negative, 552 cases have been categorized as mild disease on treatment, two (2) moderate to severe cases, none currently on ventilators and eight (8) have died.

Currently, ten out of 16 regions in Ghana have confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Which other way is the government ensuring effective contact tracing and testing?

The government has procured 50000 test kits in addition to the 2000 test kits donated by the Jack Ma Foundation.

Also, the president announced during his fourth state of the nation address that the partial lockdown will allow for facilitation in contact tracing since persons may not move about.

The government has also selected five local manufacturing companies to produce 3.6 million nose masks to be distributed across the country.

 The companies; Dignity DTRT, Sleek Garments, Cadling Fashions, and Alfie Designs Limited have already commenced work with the government expecting a weekly delivery of 150,000  nose masks.