COVID-19 Lockdown: An Opportunity for Prodigies to Build Themselves

COVID-19 Lockdown: An Opportunity for Prodigies to Build Themselves

Rehearsal at home

In as much as the coronavirus crisis has awoken so much negativity, we can’t ignore the fact that some good fortune has come from it. Not only are the market women and men and vendors benefitting from mass sales but the lockdown and self-isolation periods are giving lots of room for everyone, especially young talents, to build themselves and showcase what they’ve got.

Since it was announced that everyone would have to take to social-distancing measures until further notice, TikTok and Triller videos have been sweeping social media with all sorts of interesting and funny trends. New talents are discovered each day with people unleashing their potentials and what’s more lovely is that those in the lead of coming out with amazing TikTok and Triller contents are inspiring others to do the same and even better.

People are refusing to die of boredom – and that’s also another “panic pandemic” on its own. For this reason, lots of people are jumping on social media challenges like the savage challenge, something new challenge, black and white challenge, whole world challenge, and more. Some are even engaged in online quizzes with their pals, puzzles, guess games, dares and a whole lot.

With all these happening on the net, what does it mean to the prodigies?

There is no better time than now to build yourself and sharpen your ability. Use all digital resources you have at your disposal and build your CV; enrich your portfolio. If you enjoy singing or you’re an underground or upcoming artiste, then go right ahead and post videos of you doing what you know how to do best. If you enjoy acting, dancing or modeling and wish to become an actor/actress, a vixen or a choreographer, utilize this opportunity and work on yourself. You can easily sell yourself out by posting minute-long videos of yourself showing your uniqueness. You could even post pictures showing your sassy self. Who knows, you might just be recommended to a top personality and the rest becomes history. Even better, your favorite role model or celebrity crush might notice you.

Being resourceful at this time might just help you to realize and manifest your full potential, build yourself a brand or maybe even crop a large and strong following for yourself and become an influencer or brand ambassador. While you’re on it, learn something new. It’s never too late to double up. Just because you can sing or dance doesn’t restrict you from following other pursuits or acquiring a new skill. You could learn all about artiste management, marketing, public relations, etc. you could also learn good presentation skills and how to perform on stage. While you’re selling yourself out, you could learn a few ways to make money or monetize your crafts.

Again, you could be resourceful at home by helping out with chores, teaching or helping your younger siblings with their craft, learning from and teaching your parents a few things as well.

People are eager and ever ready to see something new, fresh and different and for all you know, you might just be the entertainment they need to get past this whole COVID-19 tantrum. Don’t spare the opportunity that has presented itself. Everyone is at home now. Mold your abilities, sharpen your skills, read extensively to gain that knowledge, learn from others and practice every day, to help you reach your dreams.