COVID-19: Ghana to Close its Borders Effective Sunday

President Akufo-Addo has ordered all the country’s borders to be closed effective Sunday, March 22, 2020.

The President announced on Saturday, March 21, 2020, saying that the decision is to help moderate further cases of the pandemic in the country.

He made clear that the closure of the borders which will commence from midnight on Sunday, March 22, 2020, includes all the country’s borders on land, air, and sea.

Will the closure affect trade?

The president, however, stated that the decision to shut down all the borders will not affect the importation and exportation of goods. He further said that only travellers who would agree to a mandatory quarantine and testing of the virus will be allowed into the country.

 Wednesday declared as National Fasting and Prayer day                     

The president also mentioned that the country will embark on a national fasting and prayer day on Wednesday, March 25, 2020, he, therefore, urged all Ghanaians to participate to seek God’s intervention.

Ghana has by far confirmed 21 cases that tested positive of coronavirus also with one death recorded in Kumasi on Saturday, March 21, 2020.

Listen to the full address of the President.