COVID-19: Ashanti REGSEC Vows to Deal with Persons Aiding the Movement of Foreigners

COVID-19: Ashanti REGSEC Vows to Deal with Persons Aiding the Movement of Foreigners

The Ashanti Regional Security Council (REGSEC) has said that it will deal with persons helping foreigners to move into the Region without recourse to security protocols and checks.

The Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah, in a statement, said “anybody who is caught transporting foreigners into the Region in such large groups would be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the country”.

According to the Regional Minister, REGSEC would through any possible means ensure that all the preventive protocols and restrictive measures outlined by the government are implemented considering the health and security implications posed by the movements of foreigners.

The statement further added that a total of 221 foreigners who illegally migrated to the Region had been apprehended and were currently in the custody of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS).

Mr. Osei Mensah cautioned landlords who shelter such people to be careful since the country had its laws on immigration.

He urged all persons in the Region to join hands in fighting the spread of the virus and asked that all health and social distancing protocols ought to be observed strictly.

“All groupings put together for playing cards, draught and football activities are indefinitely suspended and declared illegal under the present circumstances,” it noted.

The statement reminded the public to wear face masks regularly in areas such as markets, hospitals, shops, restaurants, banks, workplaces and onboard commercial vehicles.

Renting to Foreigners Amid COVID-19

Meanwhile, the Works and Housing Minister, Samuel Atta Akyea in a press briefing on Tuesday, April, 29 asked all landlords to examine the COVID-19 status of all foreigners before renting out properties to them.

“Landlords must also be wary of potential tenants from foreign countries. It is very mandatory to insist that without a COVID-19 negative clearance the landlord should not rent out the premises. We all know that this pandemic has been imported so be careful that in the name of dollars you do not go and bring in a foreigner who hasn’t gotten clearance that he or she is not infected by the disease to come and live in the premises,” he said.