COVID 19 and the Impact on Work – Twitter orders employees to work from home forever

COVID 19 and the Impact on Work – Twitter orders employees to work from home forever

Just barely months Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that twitter employees fondly called Tweeps were mandatorily asked to work from home, news has resurfaced that the Tech company now wants workers globally to work from home indefinitely.

Jack Dorsey who has donated over one billion dollars towards the fight against COVID19 Pandemic, has brought to the spotlight the impact of COVID19 on work. He has ordered all Twitter employees worldwide to Work from Home Forever.

What led to the decision making to work from home indefinite?

Twitter CEO said that top priority remains the health and safety of tweeps/employees, community support to the vulnerable, and health care providers on the frontline of the pandemic. To emphasize the importance of this has been the transition into the new normal of work amid the pandemic.

To ameliorate the downturn from working from home, twitter VP Jennifer Christie said,

“We understand this is an unprecedented step, but these are unprecedented times. And we will continue to do all that we can to support our Tweeps.”

Twitter will cover the cost of contractors and hourly workers who are not able to perform their responsibilities from home and provide reimbursement for the additional daycare expenses incurred for working parents.

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Helping Tweeps set up their at-home offices
All employees, including hourly workers, will receive reimbursement toward their home office set up expenses, and we are working with our vendors to ensure our contractors' work-from-home needs are met as well.

The company has also put together resources guides to make the transition to the new normal less cumbersome.
Working from home can be a challenging transition, so we’ve provided a variety of resource guides to help our employees continue to get the job done. We’re listing them here as well because at times like this, sharing insights and learning is so important. We’re all in this together and we want to help others outside of Twitter make their transitions to working outside of their offices easier, she said.

Tech companies including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have issued similar guidance to employees in various regions, but Twitter’s order to its entire 4,900-strong global workforce is one of the strongest yet amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

What about Tweeps who can't stand the silence?

Twitter is not ready to do away with the human touch just yet and has taken into consideration that work from home is not ideal for some job funtions.

 For those employees who prefer or need to come into the offices, they will remain open for business. Our Real Estate & Workplace team is increasing deep cleaning and sanitizing in all spaces, as well as more visual reminders for personal hygiene best practices and pre-packaged, pre-composed, and pre-plated food options.

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