Complete Deserted Hospitals before Constructing new Ones– Africa Centre for Health Policy

Complete Deserted Hospitals before Constructing new Ones– Africa Centre for Health Policy

                                                        An Abandon Hospital Facility

The Africa Centre for Health Policy (ACeHP) has advised the government to complete the construction and commission of abandoned health projects before constructing new ones.

President Nana Akufo-Addo in his eighth address to the nation on measures against COVID-19 on Sunday, April 26, 2020 announced that his government will be constructing 88 new hospitals in some districts across the country beginning this year.

The announcement from the president has since generated public discourse with a cohort of health experts describing the government’s plan as uncalled for when uncompleted hospital projects have been abandoned.

Commenting on the president’s announcement, the Executive Director of the Africa Centre for Health Policy, Ahmed Farhan noted that, “Though we have had a backlog of uncompleted or completed but not commissioned health facilities, we still have a vacuum created by the nonexistence of some of these facilities. If we have this number of facilities coming on board, it will augment the situation.”

“The issue is that once you have facilities that are uncompleted, it will be appropriate that we go back and look at those.”

The group further advised the government to distribute more of the face masks to areas that are hotspot areas of the disease.

“You look at densely populated areas and areas that are recording more cases of COVID-19 compared with areas that are not recording more cases so that you can direct more of the face masks to areas that are densely populated and areas that are hotspots.”

Meanwhile, the Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has refuted claims of the government abandoning hospital projects started by the erstwhile government.

“The unfinished hospitals largely remain work in progress and we will give an update on where we picked them from and how far we have come with them. There are some that we have finished and opened up, some are near completion and some have gotten into financial and contracting difficulties because of some issues associated with them,” the minister said.

Previous Assurances from the Government

Ghana was faced with a no-bed-syndrome and the act of uncompleted hospitals being abandoned sometime back. This compelled CITI FM and OccupyGhana to petition the President for the completion of all abandoned and uncompleted hospitals.

President Akufo-Addo after receiving the petition in August 2018 gave an assurance that a number of projects will be completed according to the schedule below: