China apprehensive over US freezing WHO  funds

China apprehensive over US freezing WHO  funds
  • Trump claims US  fund to the WHO was over  $400 - $500 million whereas China roughly funded $40 million.
  • US President also believes that the outbreak would have been contained IF WHO has done its due diligence
  • Zhao Lijian believes Washington’s decision “will weaken WHO’s capacities


China had said that it is “seriously concerned” over Trump's announcement of America ceasing funds of WHO amid a global health crisis.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to tighten its grip around the world with more than two million confirmed cases, Chinese official Zhao Lijian reportedly said at a press briefing that the decision by Washington “will weaken WHO’s capacities”.

 He added that by not funding the World Health Organisation, the US “will undermine international cooperation against the epidemic”.

According to international media reports, Trump claimed that the US used to fund at least $400 - $500 million to the World Health Organisation, every year, whereas China roughly funded $40 million.

Why Trump won’t back down on his decision to freeze funding is because he believes the organization has become China-centric and stood against his initial moves to close the borders on china. On this account, he blames the W.H.O and has asked that his government reviews their modus operandi.

In a recent story broadcast on Canada’s CBC program The National, journalist Terrence McKenna suggested that China’s President Xi Jinping may have been pressuring Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), to refrain from declaring the spread of the Covid-19 virus a pandemic. In talking about the Chinese government’s authoritarian nature, the report also questioned how well China handled the evolving health crisis, implying that officials there could have done better to restrain the spread of the disease from the outset.

Meanwhile, Several key leaders have objected to his decision with Bill Gates and Melinda Gates condemning his act as ‘dangerous as it sounds’.