Stallion Motors Ghana Ltd has unveiled two new models of one of China’s leading Automobile brands, in addition to its range of SUVs on the Ghanaian market, promising a unique driving experience. Changan is one of the top four automobile brands in China that sells at least 8,500 cars daily across the globe. The Chongqing-based automobile firm introduced the Changan CS95 and CS55 models at a launch at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra. Addressing the audience at the launch, Country Director of Stallion Motors, Mr. Mahesh Mahtani assured the Ghanaian market that the luxury the brand offers, surpasses many of its competitors in all segments of vehicles.
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The all-new CS95 is equipped with the Blue Core 2.0 L turbo GDI direct injection supercharged engine and boasts of an intelligent interconnected system that offers several online services, such as navigation, intelligent assistant Xiao An, entertainment, safety, and remote car-control. The powerful SUV also has an in-built lane departure warning feature (The latest Bosch MPC2Plus camera) that alerts the driver, should the vehicle drift from the lane. In the event of a collision, side airbags and side air curtains absorb much of the energy of the crash, thereby reducing the impact to the driver. The SUV boasts of a simple aesthetic design and the following specs, among others:

  1. Fuel tank capacity: (64 Litres)
  2. Seats : 7
  3. Engine type : AWD (All wheel Drive)
  4. Engine capaciy : 2.0 LT Turbo Intellectual Elite
  5. Transmission : 6AT
  6. rated power(kW/ps): 171
  7. net torque(N·m): 365
  8. 19 inch Alloy Wheels with Tyre size 245/55/R19
  9. Spare tire
  10. Ground Clearance-Unloaded(190 mm)
  11. Driver & Passenger side airbag
  12. side airbag for Front & Second row(each one left and right)
  13. Side aircurtain(each one left and right)
  14. Tire Pressure Measurement System TPMS(direct mode)
  15. Engine electric antitheft system
  16. Engine electric antitheft and lock-up system
  17. central control lock of in-car
  18. control lock of remote central
  19. warning of releasing parking brake
  20. Child safety lock
  21. Child seat fixtures (ISO-FIX)
  22. Door open/closed alarm reminder(five doors display independent)
  23. Smart and remote key
  24. Vehicle searching function
  25. remote trunk unlock
  26. Remote trunk open/close
  27. Keyless entry(front doors, back door)
  28. Keyless start(push-button mode)
  29. anti-skid brake system(ABS)+Electric Brakeforce
  30. Distribution(EBD)   

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With an engine capacity of 1.5 LT, The CS55 boasts of features such as automatic parking assistance. CS55 can park with ease. The parking is fully automatic, and one does not even need to touch the steering wheel, as it can be monitored on the panel in the center console. The Car also has new non-firework airbags that have a millisecond response time. A smart safety belt is included to provide all-around protection, and Bosch airbag contributes to the overall passenger safety. As if that is all, the CS55 also comes with Pre-warning Assistant Braking. The new Bosch MRR evo14 CS55 can identify front collision risks and triggers a warning before accidents occur. It also has a safe distance reminder, FCW, collision mitigation and other functions that can be found on its website. The CS55 boasts of the following specs, among several others:

  1. Engine Capacity : 1.5 LT
  2. 18 inch Alloy Wheels with tyre size 225/55 R18,
  4. C-NCAP 5 Stars
  5. Driver airbag
  6. Front passenger front-airbag (standard)
  7. Side airbag of front row
  8. Side aircurtain of first and second rows (each one left and right)
  9. Reminding system for without working of safety belt ( driver)
  10. Reminding system for without working of safety belt ( front passenger)
  11. 3-point force limiting safety belt of second row
  12. Child safety lock
  13. Central lock
  14. Remote key control
  15. Escape unlocking function in the back door
  16. Auto lock during driving (reserved)
  17. Engine electric antitheft and lock-up system
  18. Remote four doors lock open/close
  19. Remote trunk open/close
  20. Smart remote control key
  21. Keyless Entry
  22. Keyless Start
  23. Reversing camera-dynamic line auxiliary
  24. Right-front blind spot detection
  25. Rear reversing radar
  26. Cruise control
  27. TPMS
  28. 2 inch LCD screen
  29. Leather steering wheel
  30. Entertainment control key
  31. Bluetooth (phone call) control key
  32. Cruise Control Key
  33. Electronic steering lock
  34. 4-way adjustable steering column
  35. Energy-absorbing steering column   

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ALL CHANGAN SUVs are available for viewing at the Hyundai showroom in Accra just after the Obsetsibi Roundabout or find more details and specs online at  

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