Banking will never be the same - Daniel Sackey - MD EcoBank Ghana

Banking will never be the same - Daniel Sackey - MD EcoBank Ghana

|The Managing Director Ecobank Ghana, Mr. Daniel Sackey who was a speaker at the Ecobank live series hosted by Television and radio journalist Bernadino Avle said that the Banking industry has been adversely affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

But he gave credence on how the banking industry has been able to absorb the shocks of the pandemic and enhanced their services in the face of the pandemic.


COVID 19 has accelerated digital platforms

Mr. Sackey said that the game-changer has enabled banks to test their system and adopting working from home as one of the new normal which has been enforced to stem the outbreak of the virus.

Limited access to staff and clients

The pandemic has increased anxiety about access to credit facilities during the lockdown

Due to the impact of COVID19 on the banking sphere, there has been an acceleration in the use of digital payment platforms.

Hope in the future?

Banks must operate in an ecosystem to be resilient.

Mr. Sackey said that over 300 million people are using mobile wallets to access funds which indicates that  basic banking systems are not disrupted by the pandemic.

He also said that access to credit facilities by organizations to mitigate the outbreak of  COVID-19 will be supported by banks.

African solution for African problems

Parastatals must come together to make digitization work. But in doing so we should not leave out the vital section of the population, who are women.

Products and services must focus on gender to access credit facilities,  he said.

How has EcoBank adapted to the new normal?

Phase 1 - focused on safety

Phase 2- focused on operating in a new normal: ensuring safety and existing normally with COVID-19

Digital service: using mobiles channels to access funds has been accelerated

Preparedness: New work environment and embracing virtual workspace.  

The robust system has been implemented to ensure that there is adequate protection from cybercrime.

Dr John Nkengasong, DIRECTOR –AFRICA CDC counted the cost on COVID19 on the health sector.

COVID-19 has caused  Disruption in the health sector:

 “We are led to virtual meetings and as to that effect the 4th industrial revolution has been accelerated.” - 

|COVID19: ADAPTING TO A NEW REALITY is a Live series sponsored by Ecobank Ghana. The virtual series is to inform the public on how to stay safe through the pandemic.

Hosted by Bernadino Avle Tv and radio Journalist CITI FM

Speaker: Daniel sackey MD ECOBANK

Co-Speaker : Dr John Nkengasong DIRECTOR –AFRICA CDC