Back to school in China as lockdowns start to ease worldwide

Back to school in China as lockdowns start to ease worldwide

"I'm glad, it's been too long since I've seen my classmates," 18-year-old Hang Huan said in Shanghai. "I've missed them a lot."


Children in China's two most important cities went back to school Monday after more than three months at home, as coronavirus restrictions eased and governments around the world began charting a path out of the pandemic lockdown.

China Using health rating software to fight a resurgence of  COVID19  

 The government of Hangzhou collaborated with Alibaba and Ant Financial to create a smartphone app feature that segments people into three categories; green, yellow, or red based on their medical conditions and travel history. Tencent developed a similar program for the southern city of Shenzhen. The software determines if a person should be quarantined or allowed in public.

Students in Beijing must have their temperatures checked at school gates and show "green" health codes on an app that calculates a person's infection risk, according to the education ministry.

Zhou Jiangyong, Hangzhou’s Communist Party secretary, said the health rating software was “an important practice in Hangzhou’s digitally empowered city management” and supports the further use of similar tools, according to state news media.

People given a green health code are free to be in public and are given a QR code to check in at subways, office buildings, and other densely populated public areas. Staff at checkpoints will scan the code and people’s temperatures before allowing them to enter a space.

Virus numbers in China -- where the disease first emerged late last year -- have dwindled as the country begins to cautiously lift control measures, although fears remain of a potential resurgence and cases imported from abroad.