Angola to Develop Solar Power Plant

Angola to Develop Solar Power Plant

The Angolan government has announced plans to develop a 26 MW photovoltaic solar power plant in Saurimo, located in the northeast province of Lunda Sud.

The power plant will help reduce the electricity supply deficit for Saurimo’s 534,000 residents. A power line and 220 kV substation are also included in the project.

Expected to commence in October, the development of the power plant comprises part of an ambitious national project that will see the construction of seven solar power plants across seven Angolan provinces in 17 months.

Cláudio Pemessa, the Director of the Provincial Office of Infrastructure and Technical Services, noted that Saurimo requires 70 MW to power households and businesses.

In September 2019, the Angolan government announced its plans to install 30,000 off-grid solar systems throughout the country, which will be completed by 2020. The solar systems are expected to produce 600MW of electricity in rural areas. The government has tasked private companies with the implementation of this sustainable development project.

Is clean energy the new boom?

The pandemic is highlighting some of the issues that make energy storage so important.

 We certainly can see the importance of adding resiliency to hospitals and other critical facilities, with some of these critical facilities needing a source of backup power without contributing to emissions

The pandemic in Africa is only going to increase demand for storage, for reliability and affordability.