Afreximbank president champions African free trade alongside COVID-19 response

On Tuesday, June 2, the Africa Center hosted Prof. Oramah , President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank), for a discussion on innovative financing amid COVID-19. 

African Export-Import Bank’s $3 billion Pandemic Trade Impact Mitigation Facility fits into the organization’s broader aim to create, connect, and deliver growth in trade and industrialization across African markets.

In the current crisis environment, this translates to creating interventions to assist in pertinent goods production, connecting businesses through trade facilitation and innovative payment platforms, and delivering results via the financing of distribution channels and logistics.

Prof. Oramah highlighted African people as the ultimate development resource. Accordingly, he spotlighted Afreximbank’s support for the informal economy and creative industries, along with investments in healthcare and manufacturing that stand to enhance livelihoods and promote job creation.

After the event, Prof. Oramah responded to participant questions on topics related to debt relief efforts, support for tech startups and agro-processing, and where opportunities may have been presented by the pandemic.


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