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iJustine's Ask iJ and the future of interactive TV

Simon Sinek | How to Actually Win at Business and Beat Your Competitors Simon Sinek | How to Actually Win at Business and Beat Your Competitors

Bestselling author Simon Sinek talks about the best way to win at business and beat your competitors in his new book, The Infinite Game in this episode of Behind the Brand with Bryan Elliott.

How Being 100% Honesty in Business will Lead 10x More Success

Mary Shenouda explains why honesty in business is always the best policy and will likely lead to 10x more success. Telling the truth is usually right. But can it also sometimes be wrong? If so, when?

How to Avoid Business Burnout: A Simple Solution to More Success

Want to know how to avoid business burnout and learn a simple solution to success? It sounds like a simple solution. But it's easy to fall into the grind when we see it everywhere around us. However, I 


HOW TO IMPLEMENT A HEALTHY business LIFESTYLE | Setting Habits & Wellness Goals with Paleo Chef Mary Shenouda in this episode of Behind the Brand.

Don't Follow Your Passion in Business if You Want Massive Success

Don't follow your passion. Don't Follow Your Passion. So What Should You Do Instead? Click Here To Download Dan's Book, F.U. Money And Find Out:

Paradigm Talent Agency: Best Business Lessons for Success

Sam Gores is the CEO of Paradigm Talent Agency teaches some of his best business lessons for success. Paradigm is one of the top five talent agencies in the world, with more than 700 employees in 10 offices.

The President of the Ghana Real Estates Developer Association (GREDA), Mr. Patrick Ebo Bonful has revealed the plight of the real estate industry in Ghana and the extent of damage it has had on agents within the sector.

According to him, the real estate industry has been woefully affected by the coronavirus pandemic as most buyers have had to review their plans in the midst of the uncertainty.

“Sales of houses virtually dried up and also most of our workers had to be laid off as a result of that…and then came in also the lockdown which made things even wors...