Sprucing Up for Corporate End-of-Year Celebrations.

Sprucing Up for Corporate End-of-Year Celebrations.

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The corporate world is mostly characterized by orderliness and formality. Workers are expected to report to work and close at a particular time with an endless list of targets and meetings that require an everyday plan for what to wear. After a year of hard work and urgency to meet deadlines, end of year celebrations are the most anticipated and exciting seasons of work-life.

End of year is here, and for most organizations, preparations for parties are underway. Plans will change, the season is drawing near and so should outfits. The corporate world in this season does the most to make merry and unwind with a bucket list of activities; Christmas celebrations, end of year dinner and awards, excursions, games and other events that come with Christmas fever mostly for team bonding purposes. Unlike the everyday corporate look routine, what to wear in these times is an important ingredient for making lasting end of year memories.

No one wants to look their worst especially in the company of their bosses, colleagues, employees and business partners at such important functions, where business to business and networking can take place to propel the company for growth in the new year. A bad outfit ruins the event and stains both your personal and company brand image. The consequences go beyond having a less enjoyable time, the aftermath may include mockery, petty gossip and in some cases query from the bosses. This can go a long way to bruise one’s social life, confidence, and self-esteem and ultimately affect performance.  

To help you pick the right outfit for the right event, here are some suggestions to make you the star of the season.

 End of year Dinner and Awards Night is first on the list in every end of year preparation. This is where the top performers of the year are awarded in an atmosphere of music, laughter, food, dancing and good company.

For ladies: since this is an evening event why not rock something glamorous? a long and classy dress will put you in the spotlight.

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Texture: for such events, something soft and smooth on the body helps a great deal. Silk, satin, and lace are mostly the most sort for materials to such occasions because of their sleek, beautiful and most importantly light nature. They are not too heavy or stiff, they flow freely and it’s easy to make something simple but stunning with such type of fabric.

Color: Colors are always on display during nighttime events. While some go for simple black or white, others do a combination of both. Nothing is unacceptable, it just has to look aesthetically pleasing; not too many colors and patterns at the same time. The dark shade of one of your favorite colors will as well do the trick.

Style: with a constant change in style in an ever-evolving world of fashion, how about sticking to the basics for your corporate end-of-year event? Either a long straight dress, a knee level dress, a gorgeous jam suit or a beautiful knee-length skirt with a nice blouse could do you a great deal of good. No matter the style one chooses, it should be well fitted; not too tight and not too loose either, just well fitted. The length of the dress matters. Once you decide to wear a long straight dress, you should be mindful of the possibility of tripping which is embarrassing.  If you decide not to go for a flare down but for a tight pencil long dress, you must insist your designer makes a front, side or back parting to ensure free movement.

For those who will opt for short straight dresses, you have a mandate to keep it decent. Remember, you are still somewhat in your workspace and being watched. Something well fitted and comfortable with either a pencil or a flare down will do or a knee-length skirt with a nice beautiful top will keep simplicity and class intact. These same simple rules apply for jumpsuit option. 

If you decide to go in for a long sleeve dress it’s advised that you pick one with sleeves made from lace to allow easy air circulation and prevent excessive sweating, and feeling extremely hot after a good dance. Sleeveless or short-sleeved are equally perfect for such events.

Remember, your dresses albeit classy should not be too revealing either on the chest area or the thigh area.

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Footwear: A good look is never complete without footwear. Bring out those nice strappy heels that did not make the cut for the everyday corporate look, it’s now time for it to shine! Black footwear is always the safest because it matches perfectly with any dress color. A bright one color pair of heels (either platform or pencil) will work perfectly in a black dress, whereas black footwear will well assist a bright dress.

Depending on how you mastered the skill of walking in heels, you must avoid very long ones. They can be uncomfortable and block you from having a good time on the dance floor.

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Purse: for a classy look, a small pouch or clutch either made of some nice gold, silver, or diamond plating or beaded purse will switch up that look. A nice small size clutch of any beautiful fabric can also work perfectly.

Hair: your crown of glory must equally be on point. For such occasions, you definitely want to look quite different from your everyday look. There’s no formula here, why not try something different, breathtaking yet simple. You can wear long or short hair depending on your style and preference or hold a bun up or down, just switch it up. Remember, whatever you put on should complement your entire look.

Accessories: wearing beautiful jewelry around the neck, shiny earrings, and a nice wristwatch is all the accessorizing one may need for such an event. Nice pearls or a shiny and fancy necklace on a dark colored dress or top is just perfect. You can also consider a nice simple wristwatch for a complete look.

Makeup: makeup is an essential part of the night. Remember, your face is your first point of contact and should have a simple, classy and natural glow. As much as you want to look your best, especially at the end of the year you should also look recognizable. Avoid anything extra that makes you unrecognizable, it could impair your final look. 

Perfume:  Stay away from strongly scented perfumes that choke breath. Choose a mild and classy perfume that smells good.

For men: the usual black and white look works; black suit with a black long or bow tie is mostly the preferred choice together with a nicely polished black shoes, black belt, and a nice watch. Don’t forget to get a haircut. Get a nice simple haircut, no makeup needed and remember to smell good. If you decide to opt for a little color, the pocket square must match the tie. The shirt should be a single color with little or no designs on them.

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Other events like excursions also require their own unique appearances. Most company excursions involve trips taken to tourist sites like the hiking on mountains, picnics in the park, and popular or historical landmarks in or outside the country. Most of these excursions require some form of physical activities like trekking and hiking, which is why one needs to be properly suited up for it.

Ladies should have their hair nicely and tightly tied to the back. Both men and women can either go in for a well fitted Lacoste shirt or a neat T-shirt with their well fitted blue or black jeans or any decent comfortable shorts or tracksuit.

If the company has its own customized company t-shirts, then you have a good opportunity to sell your brand while having fun. If you miss out on the customized look, try on similar colors to blend right in the pack. Very comfortable sneakers are advised. Ladies, avoid heels and sandals. Just go in for just sneakers or flat shoes. Men can also try some simple loafers or stick with their sneakers. You shouldn’t forget your hat, scarf or umbrellas, beware of the harshness of the sun to avoid getting burnt. The rains can also give you a good beating if proper precaution is not taken. A simple leather watch works.


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Games and sporting activities


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Such activities are vigorous in nature. Ladies should opt for shorts, well wrapped and firmly held hair and a firm bra to allow comfort. Skirt on such events can be too revealing and should be avoided. Here, sneakers are highly advised.

No matter the range of events one chooses to attend at the end of the year as a worker, the brand must be top of mind. Stay aware and conscious of your surroundings: the weather, time of day, type of event, the people around and dress accordingly. In the midst of the fun activities, people always keep an eye on their surroundings. Always remember to make a statement by leaving a good impression. These simple and easy tips are set for a good time as you show off some style and class this season. Remember “clothes are never a frivolity; they always mean something”James Laver.   

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