Making The Right Outfit Choice for that Special Occasion Dress Your Way, The Right Way

Making The Right Outfit Choice for that Special Occasion Dress Your Way, The Right Way

Clothes are the physical ‘entrapment’ of human dignity, only accentuating the character of the personality and floodlighting the reputational identity of the ‘creator’. We are all artist with distinct canvasses for painting our ideal and there is much more to our dressing than we can imagine. Our dressing says a great deal about who we are and influences all kinds of impressions. People make snap judgments about us from the clothes we wear and also draw conclusions about our personality from the way we look.

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What we put on entrenches a lasting statement in every area we find ourselves and as such, getting the right apparel for whatever occasion plays a vital role. So, if you think opinions don’t matter, impressions definitely do which is why dressing matters. With a wide array of dress codes in the public space, selecting a befitting outfit for an occasion can be difficult especially to know what to wear, even when the type of dress requested is stated on the invitation. As Marc Jacobs once said, clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them so, with a wide array of quality outfits ranging from Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry amongst others, we must look our best and not fall out of place in any public gathering.

One thing is certain, if clothes were easy to choose from and every dress was befitting for every occasion, Cinderella would not have been aided by her fairy godmother to get a befitting dress for the ball in her town. Dressing is basically an art, the art of knowing how to carry ourselves during various occasions we partake in. The occasions dictate how we should dress to suit the mood of the events. Dressing for any occasion is about paying respect to the occasion and the people around you and in doing so, one must select from the wide array of apparels to leave a lasting clothing impression.

The ‘once’ in a lifetime Wedding/ Dinner Look

Tuxedo for men

As the invitation to that close friend’s wedding or dinner hits your table or phone, what immediately comes to mind are tuxedos, shimmery fabrics, and ornate details. Yes, your guess is as good as mine, those are very ideal for such occasions and while etiquette rules are softening on the question of dress length, your best bet will be a floor length gown. A column dress is most sophisticated, but you could definitely wear a well-tailored, chic, and formal suit.

A gorgeous look for the choral

Now’s the time to elevate your look with elegant jewellery, fabulous shoes, and a great hairstyle. You can also feel free to loosen up a bit if the invite gives off a black tie as optional. Invariably, formal knee length cocktail dresses for the ladies will be very ideal if you don’t own a gown, provided the invitation does not restrict your attire.  These type of occasions let you push the limits on glitz and color. So, in essence, almost anything goes, as long as it’s nice enough to suit the venue and occasion; have fun with a statement necklace or earrings that will wow onlookers; pair it with a colorful dress, a sleek jumpsuit, or a festive top paired with a midi skirt or palazzo pants. You will definitely score brownie points if you rock that attire with textured embellishments, like feathers, tassels, lace, sequins, beading, or bows.

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Looking to do your T’s and I’s in an Interview?

Appropriateness defines the organizational culture of a business oriented space, and being sophisticatedly decent for that interview, will certainly get your foot in the door. Keep it clean, professional, and appropriate by rocking those pumps and a tailored suit pants or a skirt. A simple black or navy dress always work great as a job interview outfit as well. For the gentlemen, a tailored suit or a long-sleeved shirt on tailored pants will do the magic because these tend to be the standard for most corporate companies, although if you are job-searching in a more laid-back industry, like at a tech start-up, design firm, or hip magazine gig, feel like a truly free bird and express your personal style within the ambit of conservative. However, veering too trendy or casual can be off-putting. Steer clear of jangly, distracting jewellery, and avoid denim. Yes, even if the prospective company dress code is casual; you should always be more dressed up than the people who work there.

For That Special Graduation Moment

Don’t overthink what to wear to a graduation event. For that special occasion, you must look nice and neat, but not super dressy because of the nature of the event.  If you’re the graduant, don’t put on anything you’ll regret wearing because it will be inevitable not to appear in the tons of graduation photos or at a celebratory lunch or dinner with your friends and family. A knee-length colourful, white, or floral dress is a great option that fits the exciting occasion. For those who want to make a statement with their attires, bold colours like red, yellow and pink will do a great deal. For the ladies especially, it is advisable to wear comfortable heels, flats, wedges, or nice sandals you know you can smoothly walk across the stage in. Although it may be reckoned easy for the men when it comes to dressing appropriately, it actually is as most often than not, throwing on that black hand tailored suit, plain shirts on neatly tailored trousers will be a given. However, for those who are a little extra, tailored jackets, tuxedos are also ideal for this special occasion.  When a guest at a graduation ceremony, you can follow the similar dress codes or as you would for any normal event, wear something neat, fun, and thoughtful, but not overly fancy. Try chic, a pretty patterned skirt, or a cheerful sundress made with nice fabric, simple shirts and trousers or shorts.  Many graduations take place during sunny seasons and often involve sitting outside for long ceremonies. So, in choosing an outfit for your graduation make the weather a factor to consider. You might be sweltering hot in long sleeves or pants, so opt for a breezy dress or skirt to keep cool. If you get caught up on a bad weather, literally, make sure you strap up to face it warm to avert feeling uncomfortable and ‘frozen’.

For That Business Dinner, Work Party or That Networking Event


What you need to do here is to step it up from the conservative office attires. Wear a pretty necklace or nicer blouse with your suit, or try a skirt and heels instead of pants and flats. You know your company dress code best, but again, err on the side of conservative, especially if you’ll be mingling with clients or work superiors. For a casual outing, like the company picnic or charity 3K run, it’s OK to dress comfortably for the activities on the itinerary—as long as you skip anything questionable or provocative (super-revealing tank tops, barely-there ripped denim shorts, or T-shirts with eyebrow-raising messaging or graphics). One adjective to give you direction is; polished. When you’re dressing for a work function, the culture of your office should prevail. “If it’s a conservative environment, dress conservatively for events, too,” Williamson says.

Blow the ‘candles’ off that birthday look

Go laid-back with a pair of nice jeans, a fun top, and stylish sneakers, sandals, or flats. Relaxed vibes are great, but before you get too comfortable, leave the yoga pants, graphic tees, and worse-for-wear sneakers at home. Take a cue from the host that is if they are always dressed to impress, put some effort into your look, too. if the party or gathering will be a dinner, be sure to throw on that beautiful evening casual look or a cocktail dress depending on the setting or the dress code.

Feeling Churchy?

African Print styles

Most of the time variety comes to play when it comes to religious facilities and programs. To be on the safer side and not to fall out of place, chose an outfit that is appropriate for a religious facility. Most churches or religious institutions have their dress codes, but dynamism has brought about variety. Religious events tend to be more conservative thus, it is better to double-check its conventions before you choose an offending apparel.

The ‘better safe than sorry’ knee length dress or skirt will be a total given for the ladies, as it will not ride up much when you sit. It is your absolute safe look for not sticking out like a sore thumb. Also, girls, you must stay away from low-cut or clingy outfits as they can be considered offensive in such places. With the gentlemen, nice black or Khaki pants with a befitting shirt colour will do or to add that classic touch, you can throw on a suit. Down to our local lane, prints and traditional attires will do the magic for both males and females.

Make the stress in getting a dress count

The basic ideology mostly behind wearing clothes is to cover up. Yes, that’s very necessary but let it not end there. Be sure to own what you are wearing, make a statement with your outfit and leave a lasting impact with your looks. In order to nail that luxurious look for that occasion, make sure to pair it with the right footwear. Essentially, don’t just wear a dress, live the dress because clothing they say is the spirit of fashion.

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