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Clicking heels and talking shoes: Carving the right body for the foot fetish

The conspiracy of the universe in combining colors and hues, contouring landscapes and hills, dotting animal skin and flowers in effervescence bloom was the first organized runway event on a global scale. Jitters weren’t present at the event and butterflies weren’t in the stomach of humans, quite the contrary they cross-pollinated plants to produce distinct flowers and awe-inspiring colors. My point? Long before Vogue, Glitz, Paris and the hot fashion homes waltzed in with their pinched outfit, modelled by perky, exuberant models in a beautiful blend of colors, the seasonal upgrade of nature in its fashion sense predated it. If Cinderella hadn’t lost a shoe, she might have never found her prince charming and be stuck with her evil step mother and incorrigibly incurable step-sisters. But beyond losing a shoe and causing a kingdom commotion about who the glass shoe would best fit, the good always prevails’ and ‘they lived happily ever after’ was never the lesson of the regal story. The take-home of the story was one of knowing your build as a person, thoroughly understanding your personality and effortlessly expressing yourself in trueness.

 Footwear is like thumbprint (Psychology of shoes)

Psychology of shoes page 001

Our footfalls and feet are as distinct as the markings in our palms. We may wear the same shoe size as millions of people out there but the impressions and build of it are never similar, forget scarred and crow feet.  In today's fashion world, shoes have to be more versatile than ever. Unless you stay home all the time, it's likely that you have to wear shoes of some sort every day. The designers of the fashion world have responded with shoes for every occasion; even for those that don't like to wear them. However, the fact checker for most footwear fetishes are the label or brand such as the Jimmy Choos, Kenneth Cole, etc. For others, it’s the colors, design, feel, comfort or even all qualities mentioned. Although, these are great things to look out for, especially because fashion is more aesthetics and enough comfort, you would still want to make sure your ten toes and hip bone survive the day and take you gracefully through lives.

Fashion is for everyone, but style isn’t. No matter how long a Jane Doe visits a plastic surgeon for lip injections, she will never have an Angelina Jolie ‘full lips’. It may sound a tad philosophical to say this, but the premise of the success of any venture is predicated on knowledge, understanding and delivery. Well within the changing room of foot-impression is a useful source of physical evidence for personal identity

In the world of business, shoes that won't blister your feet are very important. Many women that walk any distance bring tennis shoes for the walk and change into dress shoes once they arrive at their place of employment. When they do make that change, it's not often that you'll see them change into any type of high heel. It's certainly not like it used to be when all women would be in the high heeled shoes. Today's business world will see women wearing lower and fatter heels in order to protect their feet.

If attending an event such as a wedding or other banquet type party, the high heeled shoes make a grand return. Most women will wear them to complement their dresses. They will either match or contrast with the dress that they have chosen to wear. Do you want to confidently stride down the street as if you were walking down the runway? Never underestimate the power of a shoe style that meets the standards of your body type. You’ll avoid many blisters along your way, plus gain serious style credits. Wrong shoes have a negative impact on your looks. Right shoes will be a decisive plus.

The body is the mannequin (Know Your Body Type)

Know your body type

Like Sonia Rykiel said, “It’s important to know yourself very well, in order to create your own style of fashion to suit your own body shape.” This, in essence, brings us to the significance of knowing one’s body build and what apparel or, in this case, footwear suits best. Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes and this comprises what makes each of us unique.  Some of us are curvier, some of us have narrower hips or broader shoulders but in all we are all a little bit different. Essentially, most of us can categorize our shape into a few broad categories being it the hour glass; the inverted triangle; the squared shape or the oval shape. As body shapes influence our apparel decisions so should it influence our decisions footwear- wise.

Comfy and figure- flattering is how perfect pair of shoes should feel on one’s feet. However, this crucial choice does not just relate with only how your body looks but what it can do as well.

That foot wear you can rock effortlessly will depend on your physical condition, your natural posture, the positioning of your feet, and the shape of your toes. Special conditions such as bunions or flat feet should be taken into consideration. But hey, don’t forget your walk style is also important.

As we dive into the various body shapes, take a ride on the fashion road to know what best suits you; what flatter you the most, and what will help you keep your shoes on, all day and night long. 

Platforms for the Top- heavy/ Inverted Triangle Body

inverted triangle shapebody

While you are still trying to wrap your head around the correlation between shoes and body type, welcoming you to the sacred book of shoes, where each and every body type has its own choices of shoes is a start. Globetrotting to Egypt to envision the pyramid of Giza will certainly not give you a clear view of the inverted triangle body type. Certainly, you may as well picture it toppled over for this one.  For this, your attention should be drawn downward by wearing boldly-hued flats or chunky heels if your shoulders are too wide and your legs too slim. Like a glove on the hand of a surgeon, you are definitely the person who can totally rock huge platforms, flat forms, and oversized thick-soled boots. Accessorizing with a touch of color to complement the look can be basic colors such as red, green or magenta- guaranteed to do the trick and turn a few heads your way. 

Stilettos for the “Hourglass” Figure

Stilettos for the Hourglass Figurejpg

Well, telling you the time right now will depend on the tick tock click of those pointy stiletto being confidently glided in by the lady who understands the rhythm of her body and what makes it tick. For all its worth, a lady with an accentuated waistline, rich bosom, and generous derrière, is the one who needs to walk on high-heel peep-toes that enhance her naturally feminine frame. Calling the fashion police on you will be highly prioritized when you’re found wearing those heavy shoes as well as stiletto heels which impedes movement. If you possess this physique, it’s definitely a big no! On those no-heel days, when you want to feel ‘down-to-earth’, try the versatile and polished menswear-inspired brogues in neutral hues- they would definitely do the trick.

Classic Pumps and Loafers for the Square Shaped

Being called a ‘square’ and antiquated lady for being erroneously deceived into wearing shoes based on just aesthetics and walking in it like a frozen duck will elicit more giggles than glowing stares. The body silhouette with the least of curves can feel smoother when accessorized with simple shoes such as loafers, and classic pumps. Almond and round toes will infuse it with femininity. Most certainly stay away from pointed toes if you are tall like it’s a plague, because they will elongate your frame even more. However, feel free to wear the fussiest of sneakers, because guess what? You are a natural in them.

Having an apple shape is fruity

Having an apple shape is fruity

The apple they say doesn’t fall far from the tree, so ladies you better stay close to this one in plucking the right shoes from the rack. Women who are characterized with a bulkier abdominal area with slimmer arms and legs, and probably not that ample a cleavage, stilettos will do the magic for their apple shaped bodies. These make possible the intention of drawing attention to your legs and distracting your audience from your abs or boobs. Shoes with decorated ankle straps, interesting colors, and other eye-catching details are ideal for you, but be careful not to get bitten!

 The bottom heavy “Pear” shaped

Pear shaped

Don’t go pear-shaped with a sheepish smile when you fail to execute the task of obedience to the shoes rule book. With the probability of having wide ankles, and a fuller midriff-to-toe area, pear shaped persons are bottom-heavy, as such, in adding balance to your silhouette, it’s best to avoid strappy sandals gladiator, lace-up and boots that are too tight and not from stretchy material. Open-toe wedges, heeled sneakers, and neutral colors are the ultimate.

Petite is not petty compress image


Pretty woman, walking down the street, stilettos are definitely your thing! A tiny physique needs maximum shoe impact that comes from bold colors, sparkly decorations, and generally unforgettable statement shapes. Since you are not tall, you can wear as high heels as possible, plus all the pointed toes that further elongate your frame. If you decide on sneakers, find those with thick soles but elegant shape.

 A tall order

Aside avoiding platforms and wedges, you can definitely rock kitten heels, flat sandals, ballet flats, pool slides in immense comfort. Wanting to look cute and smaller? It is safe to opt for rounded toes and peep-toes.

But first, Consider!

Heels comfort

In as much as you might totally be in love with those pair of shoes or heels, prioritize your comfort and be conscious of your body before making that move to purchase it. Also, try on shoes to see which types hide any possible imperfections. Women not used to walk in heels, should wear flats or start to practice their walk in lower heels first before trying to put higher ones. Also be sure to experiment with different shapes, and if sensitive enough, try mostly soft leather, suede, and the on-trend sock boots with an elastic ankle area.

The Right Hair and Makeup for Your Corporate Look in 2020

The Right Hair and Makeup for Your Corporate Look in 2020

When it comes to choosing the right hairstyle and putting on the right makeup, most women who work in the corporate world often find themselves in a jumble as to what is acceptable in their work space. ‘Should I go with weave-on or wigs, or perhaps braids, should it be large box braids or small twist braids? Do I use bright or dark lipstick, or simply stick to nude lipstick?’ These are some of the questions that run through the minds of corporate women each day as they get ready for the office. Coming into the new year, here are some few tips for rocking the right hair and makeup for that corporate look.

Hair Colour Counts

Image BMost women fail to realize that when it comes to corporate fashion, hair colour plays a big part in completing the professional look. These days, women love to experiment with various hair colours including: pink, green, white, among others. It should be noted that to maintain the corporate look, sticking to darker colours is the best alternative. Black and dark brown hair works perfectly. That notwithstanding, a little colour never hurt anyone but caution must be exercised in selecting hair colour. Picking a colour that complements the skin is strongly recommended. A quick search online is helpful in making hair colour choices and shades that best complements skin tone.

Appropriate Hairstyles

Image C

When it comes to hairstyles, corporate women are not restricted to particular styles, but the gag is to stick to light braids and avoid heavy braids if braids are the hairstyle chosen. Some examples of light braids include micro or mini braids, cornrows, box braids, just to mention a few.  Remember to always choose light weave-on or wigs over voluminous ones as they are likely to get in the way during work, posing as a distraction. Again, it is advisable to pull the hair all the way to the back, but it doesn’t hurt letting it hang loose once a while if only it won’t be a distraction. 

Keep the Foundation SimpleImage D

When it comes to makeup in the corporate world, less is more. For a business appropriate makeup, choosing a premium quality Foundation and Concealer for your face is advised. Ensure that the foundation and concealer shade unarguably complements skin, rather than mismatching shades that will ruin the look envisioned. . Head to a makeup store or seek expert advice if there’s uncertainty about what shade of foundation or concealer works for what skin tone and type. 

Drawing the Right Eyebrows  

Image E

It sounds weird but there is no one-size or shape fits-all when it comes to eyebrows. Most people who wear makeup often make the abominable mistake of doing arch-shaped brows although they don’t really work for everyone.

For women with round faces, structured brows with arches and longer ends are ideal. Women with oval faces should go for well-balanced and contoured brows. Women with heart-shaped faces should opt for softly rounded arch brows while women with square faces are advised to draw brows with an angled peak. Oblong-shaped face women are advised to draw shorter brows, while diamond-shaped face women are advised to draw linear brows.

Types of Brow Products

Now, when it comes to eyebrows, again, most women use pencils to draw their eyebrows. Some opt for brow gel (clear gel and tinted gel), Markers, powder, pomade, and wax are also options, but there’s also a new trend called microblading.

Pencils are the key to adding soft, natural-looking definition to arches and also makes for an excellent base for brow powder.  Powder formulas are mostly used to set brow pencils to make them last longer and make brows look even fuller because, on their own, they tend to have a softer effect than other brow products. Pomade is the secret to the bold brows you see all over social media.

In addition to giving brows a dramatic and defined look, brow fillers that can be mistaken for felt-tipped liquid liner are prime choices for covering scar tissue or bald spots. They can be used to etch on strokes that look like individual brow hairs.

Gels are the quickest and easiest way to add color, subtle hold, and fullness to the brow, they are the most preferred brow product.

Though expensive, microblading is the ideal choice for a career woman. Microblading is the semi-permanent secret to faking fuller eyebrows that look natural. This is a hassle-free solution to spending hours penciling or using other products on eyebrows to get that perfect shape desired.

Lay Low on the Eyeliner
Sometimes you want to channel Cleopatra by going big on eyeliner, but slow down.

While this may be fun on a night out, it is best to avoid dramatic liners in the daytime, especially in the corporate world. Find a good eyeliner and draw on a professional yet elegant cat eye, for an added wow factor to the glow.

Smokey Eye? No Way!

Just like it is with eyeliner, toning down on eye makeup is also recommended.

Dark Smokey eyes may look fantastic under club lights and may be appreciated in such settings, but they do not send the correct impression in the corporate world. When it comes to picking eye shadow for the business world, it is highly advised to sway towards neutral or earthy tones such as Brown, Rose, Champagne, Peach and Plum, generally colours that are not so different from skin tone. Also, avoid wearing two or more eye shadow colours; just stick to one, it works perfectly. 

Curled Up

These days, I see lots of women wear false lashes not just for evening wear, but for the office. I’m not sure it’s a trend, besides it’s a little weird. I believe most women in the corporate world are being influenced by makeup worn by celebrities. But remember, most celebrities don’t work in offices. I’m not against the wearing of false lashes to the office but you need to consider the type or style of false lashes you choose. I’ll recommend you go all-natural with the lashes, curl it up and put some mascara on it. But if you want to wear false lashes, go for short and natural-looking ones.

The Art of Contouring

Image F

Contouring is all about placing the product in the right order to highlight certain facial features. It is easy to master contouring by creating the number three on your cheek. Start from the hairline, then underneath the cheekbone, then back down to the jawline. Contouring is a skill and if it proves to be difficult to do then don’t sweat it. The finished makeup looks good anyway without contours. Practicing the art greatly enhances skill and so routinizing contouring helps in mastering the art.

Are You Blushing?

No makeup look is complete without a touch of rose on the cheeks, it can absolutely be done without. These days, some people prefer bronzer to blusher, which also works perfectly.

Just like concealers and foundations, not all blushers suit every type of skin tone. The best shade for light skin is pale pink, while skin mauve shades work like magic on brown skin. Dark skin works best with brick-orange tones. With this in mind, knowing the perfect blush colour that looks natural and suits skin is a breeze. 

The Lips 

Image G

With lip colours, it is great to have a few more options than eyeshadows and eyeliners. For an everyday simple look, stick to nude lip pencils, glosses or lipsticks that can last the entire day.  Neutral pinks and soft corals are the best choices for a typical day in the office.

With that said, it is okay to stand out sometimes. Gravitate towards buying tones such as Burgundy, Bright Red or other bold shades of lipstick to really make a statement.

Sprucing Up for Corporate End-of-Year Celebrations.

Sprucing Up for Corporate End-of-Year Celebrations.

Lifestyle 1

The corporate world is mostly characterized by orderliness and formality. Workers are expected to report to work and close at a particular time with an endless list of targets and meetings that require an everyday plan for what to wear. After a year of hard work and urgency to meet deadlines, end of year celebrations are the most anticipated and exciting seasons of work-life.

End of year is here, and for most organizations, preparations for parties are underway. Plans will change, the season is drawing near and so should outfits. The corporate world in this season does the most to make merry and unwind with a bucket list of activities; Christmas celebrations, end of year dinner and awards, excursions, games and other events that come with Christmas fever mostly for team bonding purposes. Unlike the everyday corporate look routine, what to wear in these times is an important ingredient for making lasting end of year memories.

No one wants to look their worst especially in the company of their bosses, colleagues, employees and business partners at such important functions, where business to business and networking can take place to propel the company for growth in the new year. A bad outfit ruins the event and stains both your personal and company brand image. The consequences go beyond having a less enjoyable time, the aftermath may include mockery, petty gossip and in some cases query from the bosses. This can go a long way to bruise one’s social life, confidence, and self-esteem and ultimately affect performance.  

To help you pick the right outfit for the right event, here are some suggestions to make you the star of the season.

 End of year Dinner and Awards Night is first on the list in every end of year preparation. This is where the top performers of the year are awarded in an atmosphere of music, laughter, food, dancing and good company.

For ladies: since this is an evening event why not rock something glamorous? a long and classy dress will put you in the spotlight.

Lifestyle 2

Texture: for such events, something soft and smooth on the body helps a great deal. Silk, satin, and lace are mostly the most sort for materials to such occasions because of their sleek, beautiful and most importantly light nature. They are not too heavy or stiff, they flow freely and it’s easy to make something simple but stunning with such type of fabric.

Color: Colors are always on display during nighttime events. While some go for simple black or white, others do a combination of both. Nothing is unacceptable, it just has to look aesthetically pleasing; not too many colors and patterns at the same time. The dark shade of one of your favorite colors will as well do the trick.

Style: with a constant change in style in an ever-evolving world of fashion, how about sticking to the basics for your corporate end-of-year event? Either a long straight dress, a knee level dress, a gorgeous jam suit or a beautiful knee-length skirt with a nice blouse could do you a great deal of good. No matter the style one chooses, it should be well fitted; not too tight and not too loose either, just well fitted. The length of the dress matters. Once you decide to wear a long straight dress, you should be mindful of the possibility of tripping which is embarrassing.  If you decide not to go for a flare down but for a tight pencil long dress, you must insist your designer makes a front, side or back parting to ensure free movement.

For those who will opt for short straight dresses, you have a mandate to keep it decent. Remember, you are still somewhat in your workspace and being watched. Something well fitted and comfortable with either a pencil or a flare down will do or a knee-length skirt with a nice beautiful top will keep simplicity and class intact. These same simple rules apply for jumpsuit option. 

If you decide to go in for a long sleeve dress it’s advised that you pick one with sleeves made from lace to allow easy air circulation and prevent excessive sweating, and feeling extremely hot after a good dance. Sleeveless or short-sleeved are equally perfect for such events.

Remember, your dresses albeit classy should not be too revealing either on the chest area or the thigh area.

Lifestyle 3

Footwear: A good look is never complete without footwear. Bring out those nice strappy heels that did not make the cut for the everyday corporate look, it’s now time for it to shine! Black footwear is always the safest because it matches perfectly with any dress color. A bright one color pair of heels (either platform or pencil) will work perfectly in a black dress, whereas black footwear will well assist a bright dress.

Depending on how you mastered the skill of walking in heels, you must avoid very long ones. They can be uncomfortable and block you from having a good time on the dance floor.

image 4

Purse: for a classy look, a small pouch or clutch either made of some nice gold, silver, or diamond plating or beaded purse will switch up that look. A nice small size clutch of any beautiful fabric can also work perfectly.

Hair: your crown of glory must equally be on point. For such occasions, you definitely want to look quite different from your everyday look. There’s no formula here, why not try something different, breathtaking yet simple. You can wear long or short hair depending on your style and preference or hold a bun up or down, just switch it up. Remember, whatever you put on should complement your entire look.

Accessories: wearing beautiful jewelry around the neck, shiny earrings, and a nice wristwatch is all the accessorizing one may need for such an event. Nice pearls or a shiny and fancy necklace on a dark colored dress or top is just perfect. You can also consider a nice simple wristwatch for a complete look.

Makeup: makeup is an essential part of the night. Remember, your face is your first point of contact and should have a simple, classy and natural glow. As much as you want to look your best, especially at the end of the year you should also look recognizable. Avoid anything extra that makes you unrecognizable, it could impair your final look. 

Perfume:  Stay away from strongly scented perfumes that choke breath. Choose a mild and classy perfume that smells good.

For men: the usual black and white look works; black suit with a black long or bow tie is mostly the preferred choice together with a nicely polished black shoes, black belt, and a nice watch. Don’t forget to get a haircut. Get a nice simple haircut, no makeup needed and remember to smell good. If you decide to opt for a little color, the pocket square must match the tie. The shirt should be a single color with little or no designs on them.

Lifestyle 6


Other events like excursions also require their own unique appearances. Most company excursions involve trips taken to tourist sites like the hiking on mountains, picnics in the park, and popular or historical landmarks in or outside the country. Most of these excursions require some form of physical activities like trekking and hiking, which is why one needs to be properly suited up for it.

Ladies should have their hair nicely and tightly tied to the back. Both men and women can either go in for a well fitted Lacoste shirt or a neat T-shirt with their well fitted blue or black jeans or any decent comfortable shorts or tracksuit.

If the company has its own customized company t-shirts, then you have a good opportunity to sell your brand while having fun. If you miss out on the customized look, try on similar colors to blend right in the pack. Very comfortable sneakers are advised. Ladies, avoid heels and sandals. Just go in for just sneakers or flat shoes. Men can also try some simple loafers or stick with their sneakers. You shouldn’t forget your hat, scarf or umbrellas, beware of the harshness of the sun to avoid getting burnt. The rains can also give you a good beating if proper precaution is not taken. A simple leather watch works.


Lifestyle 7

Games and sporting activities


Lifestyle 8

Such activities are vigorous in nature. Ladies should opt for shorts, well wrapped and firmly held hair and a firm bra to allow comfort. Skirt on such events can be too revealing and should be avoided. Here, sneakers are highly advised.

No matter the range of events one chooses to attend at the end of the year as a worker, the brand must be top of mind. Stay aware and conscious of your surroundings: the weather, time of day, type of event, the people around and dress accordingly. In the midst of the fun activities, people always keep an eye on their surroundings. Always remember to make a statement by leaving a good impression. These simple and easy tips are set for a good time as you show off some style and class this season. Remember “clothes are never a frivolity; they always mean something”James Laver.   

Accessorizing The Corporate Look

Accessorizing The Corporate Look

The only constant about fashion is that it keeps changing. New brands, new styles, new fabrics, new designers; there is always something new on the market.