Thursday, Sep 29

Gary Vaynerchuck: On Demonstrating Social Media ROI

Gary Vaynerchuk about his secret of success

The Best Gary Vaynerchuk Interview so far!

Gary Vaynerchuk: Going All In

Gary Vaynerchuk--Old Spice campaign Gary Vaynerchuk explains where the Old Spice guy campaign failed.


This is the official Gary Vaynerchuk interview for The Thank You Economy. This is a very powerful idea and Gary Vee sums it up by saying, "The person who cares the most wins." I hope you enjoy watching this interview with Gary as much as I had filmed with him in person.

  • The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic is forcing countries to look inward for ideas to grow their economies
  •  The pandemic is reinforcing the Ghana Beyond Aid agenda by the Akufo-Addo administration.
  • Covid-19 has opened our eyes to opportunities that come with technology