Saturday, Jan 28

Gary Vaynerchuk: The reason why YOUR ideas are SH*T

Gary Vaynerchuk explains the reason why ideas are sh*t. Gary Vee is a serial entrepreneur, four-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and internationally recognized internet personality. 

Behind the Brand--The Thank You Economy

The Thank You Economy: How Business Must Adapt to Social Media

Gary Vaynerchuk Interview--How did you get this job?

While we are all at home self-isolating and quarantining, we might as well grasp the opportunity to engage in some fun activities or “family time” to overcome the boredom and idleness. Think of this period as a moment to bond with your family at home and have some fun with them as well.

Research has shown that kids are naturally active and would always want to find ways to exhaust their strengths, re-energize for the next day and go back to...