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"All I pray is for God to grant me more years, so I would be able to do more"

"All I pray is for God to grant me more years, so I would be able to do more"

Unquestionably, we all have dreams which gives wings to our desires. But what fuels and propels those dreams to travel tirelessly the distance with us, is the conviction we have about them. Dr. Kweku Oteng by pure grits and passion has proven by his decades of business achievements that attaining high educational credentials isn’t the only justification for success in life. Experience, self-improvement, focus and godly principles are the merits which have galvanized his dreams and validated his ambitions in life. With such fiery, versatile and hard-line precision in birthing and actualizing the conception of each idea, the business magnate takes us on a sublime journey depicting in graphic details his candid and uplifting success story.

TVM: The Angel Group has left its imprint on the country’s economy by providing employing opportunities for the multitudes. How did the journey all commence?
DKO: The Angel group’s journey started from the Herbal Angel soap production, from around 1996/1997. The product truly worked for people across the length and breadth of this country. Then, I gradually introduced angel cream, angel natural capsules, angel herbal mixture; these were the products I added. If you look at how the products were, they worked so well. In time past, there was this ailment affecting children. And it was difficult to cure. It was my products that cured or rooted out that ailment completely. There were two of them specifically. One was eczema and the other was ringworm. These two ailments were troubling children a lot. However, through my products, we were able to find lasting solution to the two across the country.

Then, I considered engaging in something that would be more beneficial to the country. It was in that process I thought of venturing into education, precisely to establish an education complex and that led to the establishing of the Angel Education Complex.

The truth is, there was a vast land available and in close proximity to where the factory for the Angel cream and soap was sited. So, I decided to purchase the land. Initially, I didn’t have the said amount so I requested some of my friends to purchase it with the intention of acquiring it from them later. However, they also couldn’t afford the price as well. The land was for the Queen mother of the town so I approached her to express my interest. She then questioned if I could afford the amount she was requesting and confidently, I responded in the affirmative. However, I didn’t have the amount required. This was in the early part of the new millennium. Nonetheless, I raised part of the money demanded by the Queen mother for the land and deposited it with her. I, then, consistently paid the balance till I completely paid off the total amount involved.
After completing the payment, construction of the school began. My initial plan was to accommodate a total of 3000 students. As such, I constructed a huge facility to meet up that purpose. The hostel facility as of the moment can accommodate about 2000 persons. Beyond the facility, I purchased about 16 buses to convey students from the various locations of the Kumasi township. My plan was to ensure easy accessibility to and from the school, without making transportation a hindrance. Thus, the school’s student population was huge at the time and was one of the most populous schools in the region and it still is. At the moment, the population has reduced because of the impact of the COVID-19 with a current size of about 1800 students.

kwaku oteng new top wide 100Subsequently, I realized I needed something new and that was how the radio station came to be. I started Angel Fm (96.1) in Kumasi and all of a sudden, the radio station became very popular. The station became one of the top three radio stations in the Ashanti region just after three months of commencing its operations. This is because when I am determined to do something, I go all out to get it done without any casual approach to it. That’s the kind of person I find myself to be. I make sure I undertake every one of my engagements with all sense of responsibility in order to get the right results. As such, I like good things. Fortunately, the radio supported my operations. Strategically, what I did was to identify people who had the experience and had practiced radio for long and brought them together to run and manage the business for me. And that led to the business flourishing.

The success of the radio station led to the establishment of other media stations across the country, under the brand name Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN). The ABN houses 19 radio stations and 2 television stations across Ghana.

From the media, I then ventured into the transport business as I wanted a new experience. So, I established the Angel Transport service. This is a haulage business. From the onset, I purchased a lot of petrol tankers to convey petroleum products from one place to another for the government. However, this business experiences various challenges as a result of the political nature of the country. As such, it affects the business operations.

After the transport business, I moved into the real estate and properties industry, the Angel Estate. The Angel Estate and Construction Ltd. located at Nkoransah, off Santansi road, currently has two sites, the old and the new. Both sites have affordable houses of about 50-100 units.

From there, I considered to venture into the beverage industry. So, I started Adonko Bitters Ltd. The company is just about five and half years into operations. Currently, the company has about five products. The whole products have served their purposes to their various consumers. Besides, the Adonko bitters, which is the flagship product, has truly helped a lot of consumers. The Adonko bitters originated from my previous herbal product, the Angel Natural Capsules. These capsules were for the men. The Adonko bitters is brewed through the extraction of the sap from eleven different herbal plants. These plants (trees) can only be found in thick forests and aren’t readily available. They are very medicinal. For instance, in the olden days, our great grandparents loved to chew some of the roots of these trees and their sticks. Though they served as ‘chewing sticks’, they were also medicinal. A typical example is the root of the cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao). And so, the medicinal efficacies of the trees are what has been brewed to become the Adonko bitters. As such, the beverage provides a lot of value beyond just its consumption.

A believer's antidote to poverty is paying one's tithe, because it secures God's blessings. 

Considering the various tastes and preferences on the market, I decided to produce a new flavor to satisfy a different niche in the market. I knew some may like the ‘bitters’ whiles others too may not like the ‘bitters’. So, I developed another alternative product called ‘Adonko Atadwe ginger’. This product is a mixture of the ginger we use in our daily seasoning of foods at home and tiger nuts, is locally called ‘atadwe’. These tiger nuts have a lot of health benefits. They are imported from Burkina Faso. As a result of the health benefits from the two products mixed together, the Atadwe ginger has a lot of health benefits for both men and women.

Kwaku Oteng 4

After the successful penetration of the ‘Atadwe ginger’, I subsequently formulated the Adonko 123 bitters which is a blend of herbs and ginger. It is a product that has also gained rapid recognition among consumers. It’s equally good and appreciated by many.

All these products are organically composed without any chemicals or additives added to them. So, it makes them wholesome for consumption. As a result of their wholesomeness, they are exported to other countries like Nigeria, Germany and the United States of America. For instance, in Germany and the USA, they appreciate our products a lot especially in the U.S. As such, we have been given a land in the U.S. to establish a factory there to manufacture these products and we’re hoping in the course of the year, by God’s grace, we’ll establish the factory to start production. This feat is also to be replicated in Germany as well. Germans appreciate the products very much because we sent some of the products there to be researched on. The company that was involved in the research is the leading research company when it comes to products research. And so, when you send your product there and they approve of such a product, it can be accepted in the whole world. Hence, after the testing of my products, they found that its potency was high. As a result of this, I receive a delegation of minimum four from Germany every four months in my factory here in Ghana to inspect my operations. Besides, all my equipment is from Germany. 

Subsequent to this is the ‘Adonko Next Level’, which is an energy drink in the Adonko products line. This product is currently
produced in Germany. It is a collaboration between the Adonko Bitters Company Ltd. and another German group in Germany. The Germans upon realizing my knack for good herbs decided to partner me to produce the product. This energy drink differs from those on the market as its caffeine quantity is minimal and has no side effect.

Presently, my new itinerary is to produce soft drinks as well as mineral water. As such, I have constructed a very huge factory in Kumasi and have imported the required equipment for the operation. And hopefully, in August, that will also commence its production.

TVM: As a businessman, you have been involved in various enterprises for over twenty years with successful establishment of ventures spanning various sectors and reach. What will you say defines your growth performance with respect to your companies’ accomplishments?
DKO: I see it as the grace of God that has made it possible. Because even when I started Angel cream, it got to a time the money to continue my operations was difficult. But how God used a friend, who was then trading in Elubo to come to my aid was a miracle. He came to purchase some of the products and realized I was struggling with capital and so he volunteered to help. As to why he helped me, till today, it’s still a mystery. But I think it was God who led him. The truth is, from my childhood, I observed that there was a kind of special favour on me. This, numerous servants of God at various stages, acknowledged once they set their eyes on me. Besides, I was a very calm boy. Amongst my friends at the time, I was the one their parents exemplified for their children. I was a very calm boy, extremely calm boy. So, I see this favor as a blessing from God himself onto me. That’s why Ghanaians appreciate my products. It’s not because of my effort or ability but it’s by the grace of God.

Kwaku Oteng 1

Above all, everything that I do, I do it well. There’s nothing that I do that I don’t do it meticulously.
Before a product is brought on to the market, it can take me up to about two years of extensive research. Unlike some others who just wake and launch products without thorough research, I don’t do that. I conduct extensive research to ensure every information is covered and properly understood before the product is launched. For instance, with the new factory that is yet to be commissioned, I have about seven products which include: Adonko Zero, Angel Mango, Adonko Cocktail etc. all these products have been undergoing research for the past three years. So, the root of the success of all my products on the market is first by God’s grace, followed by my commitment to ensure I deliver the best to the customers. These make everyone tend to appreciate everything I bring on to the market. The truth is, I have never done anything in the past and had any complications, no; it’s never happened. Because I am the first consumer of my products and as such, I ensure they are good for consumption.

TVM: What are the future prospects for the Angel Group?
DKO: More is yet to come. Currently, I think I have just done about 5% of the things I intend to achieve. So, I have not gone far at all. All I pray is for God to grant me more years, so I would be able to do more. I want to impact lives and destinies. I want every Ghanaian to benefit from me before I finally hang my boots.

TVM: Dr. Kwaku Oteng is a household name of high repute who has contributed massively towards the advancement of Ghana’s economy. Beyond the name, can you briefly tell us about the man behind the “Angel Group of Companies”?
DKO: I am Dr. Kwaku Oteng as you rightly mentioned. I am the Director of the Angel Group of companies. I am a native of Atwima in the Nkawie District of the Ashanti Region. My hometown is Koben and I was born at Toase. My mum and Dad met at Toase and I was the product of that relationship. Unfortunately, my Dad never took
responsibility for the pregnancy and my birth. Nonetheless, it was my maternal grandfather who instructed my mother not to abort the pregnancy (that is me) and that he would take up the responsibility. He ensured that I was not aborted. After several years, no one ever saw or heard from my biological father.

Therefore, at about the age of three, my mum got married to another man, my step-father. It was my step-father who took care of me till the age of maturity. My step-father passed away around 1987 and that was when I realized he wasn’t my biological father. I remember wailing sorrowfully almost every day when he passed away. And one day one of the tenants questioned why I mourned over the man as if he was my biological father. This really came to me as a surprise as I had never known him to be my step-father. It was then that reality set in and I realized he wasn’t my biological father. However, he took care of me like his child, so I loved him as my father.

Kwaku Oteng 2

However, I met my biological father when I was about 27 years old. It was a tearful experience. I recall I was with three of my auntie’s children, who were of the same age as me, and my dad was requested to identify me among the lot but he couldn’t. It was a harrowing experience. That was the moment I met my biological father for the very first time.

After meeting my biological father, I just had to love him and let go of the past. He’s also gone to be with the Lord and it’s been eight years already. I recall my mother never wanted me to associate with him because she felt he had acted irresponsibly but he is my father and nothing could change that. However, I always say to people I am grateful to my mother for not aborting me else would people have benefited from this blessing? So, I have also advised myself that on no occasion will I impregnate a woman and cause her to abort because if I had been aborted, I wouldn’t have been a blessing today.

TVM: What is your fondest childhood memory?
DKO: My fondest memories as a child were the moments I was made to pound my ‘fufu’ late into the night before eating. This was a constant part of my growing up as I was always skipping helping my mum with her fufu pounding because of football. I loved to play football. I recall those moments when I go to play football and failed to pound the fufu. By the time I returned, my mother would have served mine in such an inedible manner that will make it impossible to eat. That would require me to now plead with a neighbor to help me so I pound it before eating. That, I can’t forget and I was a very skillful footballer.

TVM: What would you say is the major influence that trapped your passion in being an entrepreneur?
DKO: As indicated earlier, I grew up in the village. Growing up wasn’t easy for me. As a child I walked a distance of 4-5 miles before getting to school. When it got cloudy in the morning, that meant a holiday for me. Unfortunately, I never had any formal education as a result of the ensuing challenges. As a result, I went to train to become a carpenter. After passing out, I started making furniture. I also became a master and had about three outlets. One was at Mamponteng, another was at Asawanse roundabout and the last was at Pankorono. I made all kinds of furniture. I was trained at Kumasi Adum. I was very hard working and as such I learned faster as compared to the other apprentices I met there. It took me one and half years to be trained to become a professional carpenter. Because of my focus and determination, when I decide to do anything, I get it done no matter what.

Once, I couldn’t get a formal education, I motivated myself to work hard to become successful in life. I remember having a thought in my childhood that acquiring education was good but once the person dies, whatever he might have learnt will all be buried along with him or her. So, I decided that since I never had that privilege of having a formal education, I vowed to leave a legacy that can be pointed to in remembrance of me and will be beneficial to the masses. So, that was where my determination stemmed from. Though, people may see it as a disadvantage, it was the willpower I needed to become what I am today. I did all manner of menial jobs but I was never deterred. I struggled through but because I was determined, I never gave up. I made my work my ‘first wife’.

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TVM: Interesting. But, how did you transition from carpentry into the production of Angel cream and soap?
DKO: While practicing carpentry, it got to a time when I couldn’t realize the progress I desired to see in life. So, a friend approached me that we should venture into the sale of soap– Angel soap. So, we started manufacturing the soap using local methods and commenced its sales. Gradually, we saw improvement and continued. Another friend then suggested we could add some few ingredients to turn it into a cream. We tried it and it worked and that’s how we came up with angel cream as well. I remember hawking the soap and the cream on the streets and that made people mock me because they didn’t understand why a professional carpenter would opt for selling soaps and creams. But I started seeing results and that motivated me to keep going. Seeing the results gradually, I decided to send the soap and cream to KNUST for research to be conducted for validation. I recall one of the professors mentioning to me that the products were very effective. Furthermore, the outcome of the research showed that the cream and soap were better than those on the market then. However, the report was delayed for over a year before it was released. Next, I sent the products to the Food and Drugs Board as well. There also, I encountered a challenge. I was instructed to change the name from ‘Angel’ else the approval will not be given. I was very adamant because that was the name I had traded with and that was the name majority of the people knew the product to be. This resorted to my certificate being delayed. But finally, I got the certificate.

TVM: Given an opportunity to reset yourself, what would you have done differently?
DKO: I don’t think I would have done anything different. I think I appreciate all that I have been through regardless of the challenges. So, given the opportunity, I would go through the same things I went through initially.

TVM: What is one of your fulfilling experiences since you started your entrepreneurial journey. Considering this, what unique legacy would people easily resonate with your operations?
DKO: One that makes me happy a lot is when I see my students close from school and they’re rushing to board their buses or their parents embracing them and taking them home in their cars. I just admire that. I love kids so when I see such, it just makes me happy. Also, I am happy to have employed a lot of people in the various organizations and paying all of them to make ends meet. There’s not a single month that I have not been able to pay my workers. Every month by God’s grace, I am able to pay all my workers. And I am so elated about it. The truth is, at times, getting to the end of the month, I might not have the resources but once the month ends, how God makes the provision even baffles me.

A believer's antidote to poverty is paying one's tithe, because it secures God's blessings. 

TVM: What major challenges did you encounter in your entrepreneurial journey?
DKO: I have been through a lot of challenges in business. BUT one of the most significant of them is the period when I was desiring to expand the operations of the Angel soap and cream. I remember a certain business colleague inviting me to his house to strike a deal with me. He offered me an amount of GHc 3,000 and requested I start producing for him. Because I was in dire need of money, I was tempted to take the money. However, my wife cautioned and advised me not to fall for the temptation. She then advised we keep at what we were doing and that at the right time, luck will smile on us. These days, when I recall the situation, I appreciate God for not allowing me to commit such a big mistake.
Also, I remember when we started the Adonko bitters, just about some few years into operations, we encountered an issue over a program we organized at the Kumasi Sports Stadium. This is my greatest of challenges. We organized a music show at the stadium with all the known artists and some few miscreants, who claimed to have been drunken with the Adonko bitters, started misbehaving. We were charged as a result of their offenses and their claim of consuming the Adonko bitters. These hoodlums misconducted themselves all in order to tarnish the image of the brand and ensure the company was shut down. However, our license was seized and an investigation was initiated by the FDA. The true picture of the situation was that the culprits never consumed the product at the event ground, rather from different environment. It was later we heard that the activity was orchestrated by our competitors just to sabotage our operations. It became a breaking news with various highlights suggesting people died at the venue. Nevertheless, investigations proved that no one died at the event. It was after the whole incident unfolded that some individuals came forward to confess that they were the persons involved and that they were paid to act as such. Indeed, this was an orchestrated activity that involved some media firms, industry players and some individuals. But, in the end, the truth prevailed. Hence, anytime I remember the situation, I feel depressed.

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TVM: How was the situation resolved?
DKO: The FDA after its investigation realized that what
transpired wasn’t genuine and that it was a planned event. According to FDA’s investigation, they picked intelligence that some of the persons affected by the beverage had been sent to the neighboring hospitals. And as such they visited such hospitals to enquire only to be told there were no such persons in those hospitals. So, after conducting the investigations, it was realized that everything was a hoax. It was after the whole investigations that my license was released for me to continue my operation. In all, I believe it was God who just intervened and came to our help. And also, the FDA did extremely well in its investigation.

TVM: It is noted elsewhere that your first one million cedis (GHc 100) tithe gave you your business breakthrough. Can you elaborate on that?
DKO: What happened is that, this is the spoken word of God that cannot be altered. Above all, none of God’s words can ever change. Consider where God said that a woman shall conceive and on the ninth month she shall deliver of a child, has it changed? Most pregnant women deliver in their ninth month even if it is two weeks more or less. God also said the woman shall give birth to her children in pain, has that changed? So, everything God has said still works till today.

So, if God says, give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. This is God’s rule and cannot be broken.

The tithe situation happened when I was still operating the carpentry business. I realized that every work I did in those moments never yielded any results or profits. Rather I was making losses. And this continued into the era of the angel cream and soap sales. Nonetheless, I was a staunch Christian. So, I approached my head pastor to discuss my situation and he asked if I paid my tithe and I responded affirmatively. Then he said to me to do it faithfully and that if I did it faithfully, I would experience a change in my finances. Indeed, I obeyed and committed faithfully and within a short while I started seeing changes in my finances. It was through that obedience that I was able to purchase my first car. I bought that car from Tarkwa and drove it to Kumasi. It was a miracle because hitherto I couldn’t save, but now I owned a car just because of obedience to God’s word. The car is still there as a testament of my obedience to God’s word. So, when it comes to tithing, I’ll advise that no one should downplay it because it’s God’s spoken verdict and so if you obey and comply, God too will honor His word. I hear people say they pay but they’re not seeing any results. It’s because they’re not doing it truthfully. But if they do it truthfully, they must experience the results. The word of the Lord says all your incomes, take a tenth of it and present it unto God. So, He shall rebuke the devourer for your sake. One thing people must understand is that whether one pays or not, the 100% income is not even sufficient. So, why don’t you pay to secure God’s protection over the remaining 90%. This makes God’s word unchangeable. So, I try to remain faithful in paying my tithe no matter the circumstance, even during the COVID seasons. So, a believer’s antidote to poverty is paying one’s tithe, because it secures God’s blessings.

TVM: With your vast expanse of knowledge and experience in the world of entrepreneurship, what enduring principles have guided you in your journey over the years?
DKO: I’ll say it’s the special grace of God. My enduring principles have been God-centeredness. I am a staunch Christian and as such I fellowship a lot. I don’t joke with my fellowship with God. You know, God says “those who trust in my name, to them I give power to become my sons”. But if you should consider that word of God, you may ask, then who is not God’s Child? But there are some people on earth who don’t believe in God. For those ones, they’re not God’s children because God is clear that only those who trust in “my” name, they are the ones I’ve [God] given power to become my sons. So, the moment you trust that Jesus is your Lord and personal savior, you are counted among God’s children. So, I trust in God a lot and that is why God protects me a lot.

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TVM: When the name Dr. Kwaku Oteng is mentioned, a staunch Christian comes to mind but he is also married to more than one wife. People find it difficult to understand how the two quadrates. Any philosophy behind it?
DKO: Currently, I am married to just two wives. However, I believe a lot of people don’t understand the Bible very well. It was Paul who suggested that if it be possible a man should marry just one wife or none at all. So, when you consider the disciples at the time, they were all married to more than one wife. For instance, Moses was communicating with God face to face but he had two wives. David had eighteen wives but immediately he went for another man’s wife, that was when God was angered questioning why he went for another man’s wife. So also, was Solomon found with numerous wives. Abraham was very blessed by the Lord and God even had the covenant of blessing him and he also had three wives. So, marrying to more than one wife is not a sin. Someone may have only one wife and may be struggling to cater for her needs and her children. However, some of us who are married to more than one wife are able to cater for their needs. It’s only hypocrisy on the part of men that makes them pretend it’s a sin. A lot of men in this country who are married have girlfriends or concubines in their numbers. But those of us who are courageous are the ones who bring in the ladies as second or third wives. Some of the men even go to the extent of hiding their biological children because they are born out of wedlock but I don’t do that. For me when I father a child with a woman, I make it public for all to see. I have experienced that ordeal in the past and so I don’t want that child to go through same. There’s nowhere in the word of God that it’s written that a man should marry one wife. So, it’s not a sin. Moreover, everyone who marries more than one wife experiences God’s blessings because you are catering to the needs of God’s creation. You are taking care of the needs of the woman and her family and all these people are God’s creation. So, marrying two or more wives is not a sin. If people had the understanding, they would have all married more than one wife. What gives the most peace of mind is marrying more than one wife.

TVM: What is your management philosophy?
DKO: When you have God, you can do all things. Despite being married to two wives I pray a lot. I can go on my knees to pray for about three hours non-stop. God is able to guide me through every activity I engage. At times through dreams, visions etc., God reveals a lot of things to me; so it guides my operations.

TVM: Known for your philanthropic activities, what motivates you to engage in such benevolent activities?
DKO: First, I must say I am from rather humble beginnings. I acknowledge my background as one from a poor family while growing up. However, one thing that motivates me to be a giver is hinged on the Word of God in Matt 25:41-43. It states ‘for I was hungry and you gave Me no food; I was thirsty and you gave Me no drink; I was a stranger and you did not take Me in, naked and you did not clothe Me, sick and in prison and you did not visit Me.’ And the Word further asks, when did all these happen; and God responded ‘Verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.’ So, I hold that Word with diligence that whatever I do to man, I also do it to God as well. Then, if I can help a man with the resources God has blessed me with, then I will. All I wish is for God to keep blessing me to be a blessing to mankind till I go to my resting place.

Kwaku Oteng 3

So, I stand on the Word of God to help the needy but not that I have enough and do not know what to do with the money. Rather, it’s because I have an understanding that whatever I do for anyone, God will recompense me for it. I think it is a kind of grace God has gifted me. If you don’t have that grace, no matter the amount you have, you won’t give. So, I see it as a gift of grace in giving. When there’s prompting of the spirit, I just obey.

All I wish for is: God should keep blessing me to be a blessing to mankind

TVM: What do you do outside of work i.e. your hobbies?
DKO: Hardly do I get time for myself. I love work and so don’t have any specific hobby. For relaxation, I enjoy watching football because of how I was fanatically involved with it in my youth. However, every morning I exercise in order to look fit. It affects me a lot, especially on days I miss or skip my morning trainings. Once I get to train, I feel okay. So, the time for that particular hobby, unfortunately I don’t get it. But in due time, I’ll have the abundance of time to engage in it as I wish. Even though for now the time is not there but I’m okay.

TVM: Growing up, who did you ‘idolize’ and has largely influenced your business ethics?
DKO: Honestly, I had no one like that. One thing I don’t do is to look up to anyone in life. The truth is I don’t like to repeat what others have done or are doing. I always want to do something unique so I can be recognized for my ingenuity.

TVM: What’s your favorite meal?
DKO: Well, I love Jollof rice. Followed by fufu.

TVM: What makes you happy the most?
DKO: What makes me happy the most is seeing someone dance. And, I also admire seeing a lady drive.

TVM: We all can attest to the challenges COVID has wrought in the business environment. How has COVID impacted your businesses?
DKO: COVID has affected my businesses a lot. The truth is whatever God wills, He does. The Bible states that in every situation we should give thanks to God. COVID has truly affected us as an organization. Because all our products: Adonko Bitters, Adonko 123, Atadwe ginger etc., all end up at the bars. So, the lockdown that has been instituted against such sectors has affected our sales direly. Also, a country like Nigeria, where we have a very huge market has been affected because of the COVID; sales have declined drastically. So, COVID has affected us tremendously. It is by God’s grace that we still get some sanitizers to manufacture to support our operations. Other than that, it would have been extremely difficult to cope in business.

TVM: What advice would you give other industry players in this COVID season?
DKO: Employers should endeavor to appreciate the efforts of their workers. There is a proverbial statement that suggests that it takes one to kill a horse for the multitude to participate in its sharing. You founded the organization but you cannot run it alone and that’s why you employ others to work with you. I feel when we love and respect the workers we have, it’s a crucial part of the growth process, the company experience a healthy growth. The kind of relationship established is key to the growth of the organization.

However, employees must desist from the attitude of ‘it’s not mine syndrome’, and get committed to the growth of the organization. This is one thing I think every worker should avoid and be fully committed to the work he or she has been employed to perform. They should see it as their personal work and that is where the blessing is.

TVM: What will be your advice to the youth who desire to leave an indelible print and impact in the society as you have?
DKO: My advice to the youth is to be determined and be truthful in all dealings with people. A lot of young people don’t tell the truth. However, when you tell the truth in every circumstance, you experience God’s blessings. A lot of young people don’t tell the truth and it’s worrying. They’ve made every single opportunity a moment to extort others or fabricate lies and that’s bad. There’s no blessing in that. They don’t know and that’s why they lie every day. 

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