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20 Most Outstanding Business Personalities In The Last Two Decades

20 Most Outstanding Business Personalities In The Last Two Decades

Giant oak trees planted two or more decades ago as mere fallible seeds, stalwartly entrenched themselves deep into the soil and with time, persistence, diligence and a torrent of other notable virtues sedulously worked their way to a well-regarded status as Businessmen and women eulogized in the 20 Most Outstanding Business Personalities.

Surpassing every indignation, negativity and hostility, they took an oath and swore no secrecy to obscurity as they went on a mission, fully armed to change the somewhat grim story of their lives to attain true honor and nobility among the ‘blue blood’ of society.

Divide and conquer was their anthem as they identified the various sectors and industries within the business enclave and like a match, made in heaven and with synchronised efforts, they have undeniably impacted not only citizens but the country of their birth in phenomenal ways. Their offshoots currently serve as perching spots and a safe haven for fledgling ideas and businesses for inspired youth to thrive.


Badge of Honor

The ‘20 Most Outstanding Business Personalities in the Last Two Decades’ is a recognition scheme to venerate outstanding Business Personalities who have excelled in their various enterprises as a result of their shrewd business practices, decisions and foresight within their establishments that has unfurled commendable national impact. They have relentlessly survived every business headwind and at some point, in their various enterprises, have had to make hard decisions, which as an implication of their shrewd business practices, incisive decisions and foresight within their establishments, has garnered nationwide commendation and impact.

Unarguably, the last two decades have witnessed two major crises that have affected global output and downgraded profitability of businesses; a financial crisis in 2008/2009 and the current health crises (COVID-19). Both have invariably altered the various business environments and led to a new definition experienced in the business landscape. Thus, survival is the catchphrase for meriting such esteemed recognition in spite of the harrowing scenes which act as a testament of their resilience.

The Vaultz Media Research Team, in line with recognizing the ‘20 Most Outstanding Business Personalities’, carefully designed a methodology to select these business personalities who gracefully thrived in the midst of these circumstances over the past 20 years; a feat eliciting our successful compilation of the twenty top business personalities.

Selection criteria of personalities went through 3 main phases.

In a bid to achieve utmost credibility and fairness in recognizing deserving businessmen and women. The Vaultz Research team diligently dug deep into bringing out the best on the business landscape. In the first phase, a list of 100 businessmen and women who have excelled in their respective positions, representing various sectors and industries within the Ghanaian business landscape, over the past 20 years were carefully selected by the research team. Following this, these 100 personalities were meticulously drilled through apt critiquing and found to be of a ‘sound standing’ with ‘high integrity’ in the business landscape within the past 20 years and under the team’s consideration.

Having sifted through the throng of businesses in the country, the second phase involved a thorough background check on the profiles and business performances of the short-listed participants over the last 20 years. This involved analyses of key indicators that characterize how vibrant their organizations were performing. The variables considered include: Consistency in business growth, Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), Tax Returns with the GRA, Employability, Innovation, and General Customer satisfaction with products or (and) services. The data collated witnessed participants who were later scaled down from the initial hundred to fifty for the next phase of the selection process.

The third and final phase resulted in the selection of the 20 personalities, who stood tall in the past two decades. We acknowledge that each personality recognized by the Vaultz team are distinct and unique in their operational models exacted in their various businesses. Their personality trait, we reckon, significantly impacted their business dealings and based on an assessment, participant’s personality traits in bringing finality to the matter primarily focused on their Leadership skills, Managerial abilities that have helped push boundaries and come up with visionary ways to progress their businesses, their adventurous entrepreneurial spirit, sense of personal social responsibility, versatility etc., which has brought them this far.

Predominantly, the final list of the ‘20 Most Outstanding Business Personalities in the last two decades’ is therefore based on merit and excellence exhibited by these men and women who are exemplars and respected luminaries as they have not only followed their dream, but have equally made room for more ‘dream laden’ young men and women who idolize them to make something out of their lives. In light of that, we extend our felicitations to these gallant business personalities who have excelled in the past two decades and also welcome them to the new decade draped in possibilities, hope, opportunities and improved way of attaining more for the growth of not only their businesses but the development of the country in the process.

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